Saturday, August 22, 2009


Well, I survived the week of heat. We had a few really bad days (I have a 15 minute walk home from work- on one of those days, I had pretty much sweat through part of the waist band of my shorts between work and home) but managed to keep cool for the most part.

Mostly I'm posting this so that the giant video will move down the screen for you. The strange thing is, when I put it up and looked at it using my mac, it was fine. The video stayed nicely within the confines of the margins and it looked normal. Then I checked it out on a PC and WOW- THERE'S A VIDEO...CAN YOU SEE IT? IS IT BIG ENOUGH? Yeah, sorry about that.

I've been a little disappointed with the track and field coverage on TV, but I do like the live streaming on the internet. I was able to listen to a bunch of events whilst working- and of course had to take a little break to actually watch the 200m mens final. Usain Bolt? Amazing. It is just crazy to watch how far ahead he is and even crazier to see him lower world records by tenths instead of hundredths.

Speaking of live streaming, the women's marathon goes tomorrow at 5am. While I don't think I'll get up at 5 to watch the entire thing, I might just get up around 7 to catch the end of it. My favourite runner is competing and she might just have a chance of winning. Go Kara!

Enjoy your weekend!


Kirst said...

Glad to hear you surviving. Were you guys affected by those tornadoes/storms? I was thinking about you guys and I'll admit I was scared for you.

k said...

no tornadoes or even warnings here. we had a couple of wicked rain storms, but that's all. you would have heard about it if we were on tornado watch- they scare the crap out of me.

(if warnings are for "southern ontario", they don't include us...thank goodness)

fuzzy wuzzy said...

I ust be a little dense, but I'm trying to figure out what video you are talking about. See you next week.

k said...

At the end of the "advisories galore" post, does a box with Usain Bolt and a bunch of kids with a caption at the top that says "BOLT ARMS- Usain Bolat can eat ice cream again" show up? If not, maybe your internet or browser is just being slow or annoying? There should be a grey square that shows up in the middle of the picture that you can just click on and it will show the video.
If your connection or computer is slow, it might take awhile to load or it might just not show up.

Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point said...

cant wait to see your notes!