Monday, August 10, 2009

it had to happen eventually

Have you noticed that I haven't complained about the Ottawa summer heat and humidity yet? Not one post like this or this or even this. Well, the reason is, we just haven't really had summer yet. Sure it has been warmer than it is in February...but nothing to write home (or blog) about. When the humidity has been high, it hasn't mattered too much, because it was 21 degrees with a humidex of 25 or something equally tolerable.

So finally this week, the heat is on. This morning when I left for work just before 7am, it was 21 degrees with a humidex of 30 and I think right now, the humidex is in the high 30s. Lucky me has a nice breeze coming in the window, and while I am still a little bit sweaty from my walk home, I'm really quite comfortable. Hopefully this new place stays this cool as the heat continues! (and hopeuflly it stays nice and warm in the winter as well)

Aren't you glad you haven't had to hear me whine about the heat?

Oh and if you have a couple of spare moments, go on over HERE and vote for the first story. I'm not sure if I have the internet presence of some of the others on there, but it is worth a try. So go vote for KRISTEN. (and if you check out the map of where people are voting, it is actually quite interesting)


Liz said...

1) I voted! I tried to vote multiple times, but the poll was too smart for me and limited me to one (but then I realized I am smarter than the poll and will vote today at work!!)

2) Humidity sucks. Yesterday I took the bus to work rather than walking for 15 minutes because I didn't want to arrive at work covered in sweat. yuck!

lu said...

keep cool!

i managed to vote twice, not sure how!

fuzzy wuzzy said...

I voted & noticed that you are at this time, ahead in votes. Yeah!