Wednesday, August 26, 2009

big sky country

One of the things I noticed when I moved to Ontario (and I had been warned) was that the sky was different. It seemed smaller, greyer, paler and not just quite right. As you can see by my masthead- I do love the sky. Every time I'm back in Alberta, I try to look at the sky and somehow absorb it's hugeness and it's blueness. I miss it.
So, imagine my joy when I was walking home from work, looked up and saw blue...big, blue sky:

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Well, I survived the week of heat. We had a few really bad days (I have a 15 minute walk home from work- on one of those days, I had pretty much sweat through part of the waist band of my shorts between work and home) but managed to keep cool for the most part.

Mostly I'm posting this so that the giant video will move down the screen for you. The strange thing is, when I put it up and looked at it using my mac, it was fine. The video stayed nicely within the confines of the margins and it looked normal. Then I checked it out on a PC and WOW- THERE'S A VIDEO...CAN YOU SEE IT? IS IT BIG ENOUGH? Yeah, sorry about that.

I've been a little disappointed with the track and field coverage on TV, but I do like the live streaming on the internet. I was able to listen to a bunch of events whilst working- and of course had to take a little break to actually watch the 200m mens final. Usain Bolt? Amazing. It is just crazy to watch how far ahead he is and even crazier to see him lower world records by tenths instead of hundredths.

Speaking of live streaming, the women's marathon goes tomorrow at 5am. While I don't think I'll get up at 5 to watch the entire thing, I might just get up around 7 to catch the end of it. My favourite runner is competing and she might just have a chance of winning. Go Kara!

Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, August 17, 2009

advisories galore

Well, as I said last week, summer is here. I think we are currently under a heat advisory, a humidex advisory, and a smog advisory. I think the only other one we could be under is a thunderstorm watch and with the heat and humidity, I wouldn't be surprised if that came next. It is pretty warm- as in "feels like" 41 degrees warm.

Enough about the melting (although clearly it is time to start using my rules for hot weather). Thank you to all who voted for me/Heather over at the photo shoot contest. I think Sarah (the girl who won) knows a lot more people than I do :) Though by looking at the voting map, I like to think that I got the "stranger" vote. Regardless, it was a long shot to begin with, but I appreciate all of your support. It would have been nice for my sister to have won the photo shoot (on her birthday), but I'm grateful to all who voted.

It has been an eventful few days, but I will go into that in more detail some other time :)
Hope you all had a great Monday! Is it as hot where you are as it is here?

And in honour of Mr. Bolt- who has now broken two world records on two August 16ths in a row:

(I saw people in the crowd with these and loved them)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

happy birthday heather

Today is the anniversary of my epic sit by the telephone in my little red chair. Who knew a four year old could sit in one place for so long? Clearly I had an important reason to do so: my dad promised me that he would call me first. And finally, sometime in the late afternoon (while I had briefly left my post to answer the call of the Dickie Dee truck), I was rewarded and he called to let me know that I had a little sister. She clearly had me at hello:
heather home from hospital
And now she's all growned up (ok, so maybe I am too):

Earlier this morning I was thinking that this is the 4th birthday of her's that I haven't been around for and that there will probably be a point where we've spent more brithdays apart than together. It made me a little sad, but at the same time, I realize that that's what tends to happen when you grow up...But the good news is, we've had many o bithdays together- many with rainbow chip cake complete with rainbow chip icing, and the time I made her a cake from scratch and first learned of my complete ineptitude at making icing (shoulda bought rainbow chip for old times sake)- and I'm sure there will be at least a few more.

Happy 25th Birthday Heather! I really wish I could be around for this one.

(and speaking of Heather, there's still time to vote if you haven't voting closes at 8pm EST)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

new neighbours

We have a neighbour I knew nothing about before tonight. I think he lives in the tree...I wish I had gotten a better picture, but he was kind of shy and managed to find the most shaded spot he could. I'll try for a better one next time (hint- look for the glinting eyes):
Apparently he walked right into our upstairs neighbour's apartment the other day- therefore, our screen door will ALWAYS be closed. As much as I thought he was cute, there's no way he's allowed in...

In other news, I was interviewed by a reporter today about Operation Beautiful. I'm pretty sure that I sounded like an idiot. I really wish I knew how to be well-spoken when put on the spot, but I just sort of freeze up and end up sounding like a fool. I'm pretty sure I managed to keep the "like"s to a minimum, but there were way too many "um"s and just instances when I lost my way mid-sentence for me to feel like I came off anything other than a little moronic. Oh well.

And again, if you have an extra couple of seconds and are at a different computer than you were last time you voted ('cause you know you did right?), click on over here and vote for Kristen! I'm way behind, so it is a bit of a long shot, but it is worth a try.

Monday, August 10, 2009

it had to happen eventually

Have you noticed that I haven't complained about the Ottawa summer heat and humidity yet? Not one post like this or this or even this. Well, the reason is, we just haven't really had summer yet. Sure it has been warmer than it is in February...but nothing to write home (or blog) about. When the humidity has been high, it hasn't mattered too much, because it was 21 degrees with a humidex of 25 or something equally tolerable.

So finally this week, the heat is on. This morning when I left for work just before 7am, it was 21 degrees with a humidex of 30 and I think right now, the humidex is in the high 30s. Lucky me has a nice breeze coming in the window, and while I am still a little bit sweaty from my walk home, I'm really quite comfortable. Hopefully this new place stays this cool as the heat continues! (and hopeuflly it stays nice and warm in the winter as well)

Aren't you glad you haven't had to hear me whine about the heat?

Oh and if you have a couple of spare moments, go on over HERE and vote for the first story. I'm not sure if I have the internet presence of some of the others on there, but it is worth a try. So go vote for KRISTEN. (and if you check out the map of where people are voting, it is actually quite interesting)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Well, the biggest part of the chaos is complete. We are moved out, moved in, and we're starting to get settled (emphasis on starting). We had an unfortunate paint incident (did you know that they make paint the colour of band-aids? it looks like crap on the walls), we left stuff behind during a trip to Ikea, I can't seem to find a couple of things, but all in all, things have gone pretty well. We had unpacked the U-haul by 10:45am on Saturday- not bad at ALL! (Plus, the email from our former landlord thanked us for leaving the apartment in "perfect" condition. And I didn't even think it was really all that clean but considering the fact that they had to be in the apartment below us for an entire week cleaning and repairing after they left, it was in pretty darn good shape).

I'm really liking being closer to work (I can walk), loving the fact that I can look out the windows and see green, and really thankful not to have to dodge drug deals on the way home. I already miss Planet coffee (though we can still go down there...i have to remember that) and being a 5 minute walk to two grocery stores. Oh, and we have wireless internet now so I'm blogging from the couch for once (and not in the stifling hot old office that made me sweat). Plus, it is nice and cool in this new place and again, I love that I can hear trees and leaves instead of giant trucks going by. The worst sound has been the cat that has scared the jebus out of me two mornings in a row when it has meowed right in my ear through the bathroom window (which is currently covered with a sheet, which is why I can't see it and thus why it terrifies me so).

So there's still a lot to do with making this place feel like home (and to be honest, just getting everything else put away and set up), but we're getting there, and we will get there :)