Saturday, July 11, 2009

good luck heather!

Tomorrow, my little sister does her very first open water swim as a part of her sprint triathlon. I know that she's pretty darn nervous about it, so go on over and wish her luck. H-mo, you will do great! And just so you remember how far you've come, remember this?

(Before and after our first race....she beat me by the way. Not by much, just a few seconds, but she definitely beat me)

Go over and wish her luck HERE! She needs all the happy swimmy thoughts you can give her. Once she gets out of the water, she'll be golden, but she's really nervous about that swim.

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Heather said...

it's funny that we have very similar posts and pictures... I guess that's not really a coincidence. Long gone are the days of me beating you!

Thank you!!