Thursday, July 02, 2009

feeling listy

I hope that if yesterday was a holiday for you (as it was for me), you had a fun Canada day. I'm feeling listy today, so here it goes:
  • Operation Beautiful got some great press this week. Check out the story here. Way to go Caitlin! (and apparently she'll be doing some local TV this week)
  • Just because it is highly unlikely that it will ever happen again, I thought I'd brag about my top 10 finish in my age group at the Canada Day 5K yesterday (yes, I know I was supposed to do the 10K originally, but my knee was feeling kind of crunchy all week, so I decided to listen to my body and go with the shorter distance). Sure, I was 9th out of 35 in the female 20-29 group, so percentage wise I think I was still technically better in the 10K in May, but it kind of feels cool to say that I was top 10. And on a terrible running day at that (my stomach was icky all morning and I had to slow down because I was fairly certain that I was going to throw up if I didn't). I think I would have been happier with a PR, but still fun to say top 10 (clearly...since I just said it 3 times in this bullet point.
  • My sister is going to be here for dinner tomorrow. I'm excited to see her and I'm getting ready to gluten-free it up at dinner.
  • I am going to start riding my bike to and from work for as many days as I can in July. I hope I don't end up with any sort of mechanical problems, because I will be absolutely useless.
  • I'm also starting some half marathon training starting on Sunday. If all goes well and injury free, I'll be lacing up for the Canada Army Run on September 20th. All of the pace calculators show that I am on track for a sub 2 hour finish and both Jordan and my Sunday running partner Susan think I can do go close to 1:55 (that's where the MacMillan calculator puts me too). Now I just need to believe it myself. And I kind of wish I didn't have to run it by myself, but that's just the nature of running I guess. Unless of course someone out there wants to join me? Anyone?
  • In order to try to train as smart as possible considering my history with stress fractures, I think I'll be following something very close to a FIRST plan and trying to get in as much cross training as I can. Swimming would be a good idea, but I'm kind of cheap and don't want to pay for it...I might have to relent and go for it though. (and buy a bathing suit)
  • This has been a strange week with a Wednesday holiday smashed in the middle. Today kind of felt like Monday again, but tomorrow is Friday. Regardless, I get two short weeks in a row because next week is my first Friday off in the "Summer compressed hours" schedule. So I get a birthday long weekend. Hooray!
  • We really need to start packing. July 31st/August 1st will come too soon I'm sure.
There, the lists are out of my system! Anyone else feeling listy? Feel free to give me a little list update as a comment.

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Runner Leana said...

Top 10 finish? That is awesome!!! Congratulations!