Tuesday, July 28, 2009

dear running warehouse

Running Warehouse:
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways:
  • You always seem to have my size (though I suppose if I had a more "popular" running shoe size, you wouldn't)
  • You are quick and efficient (I ordered shoes on Sunday, I got them today)
  • Your customer service is really quite good (the last time I ordered shoes from you, there was a problem with the colour- you gave me an extra discount just because you had to give me a colour other than the one I ordered)
  • Despite the crazy UPS shipping fee (which I wouldn't have to pay if I was in the US, but I'll take my universal health care and pay shipping) I still payed SIGNIFICANTLY less by getting my shoes with you than I would if I had to go into a store here and buy them (link)
I know that I should buy local, but I saved more than $60 by importing my running shoes. So keep it up Running Warehouse (and listen up Canadian running stores...)!

And yes, I buy expensive running shoes. But they are the most cushioned shoes I've ever felt and my poor bones seem to need it! After only two weeks in a less cushioned (and of course less expensive) shoe, I was already feeling some unfortunate pain...so, back to the Vomeros it is.


Runner Leana said...

I can't believe how expensive running shoes are up here! I've managed to luck out and pick up a pair here and there on recent trips to the States. My Kayanos are nearing the end of their life though, so thank goodness I'll be swinging through the US in a few weeks!

lu said...

i did not know about this site, i wills surely be checking it out!

Reverend Joyleaf said...

Hey, don't feel guilty for buying expensive shoes. You definitely get what you pay for. A cheep $20 pair from Somethingmart or Somethingless is not going to cut the mustard.

I pay a lot for shoes but always try to get them on sale. I have to buy new ones every 4 or 6 months, depending on how quickly they wear out, and I'm only walking. Now granted I'm probably walking like 15 km/day (or more) but when you're running I would think you're likely to have more wear and tear on your feet (and legs and hips and back and everything) than walking so you need good quality shoes.

lu said...

and from now on, i will be pluralising 'will' because it sounds so classy!

k said...

I think we should all pluralize "will" from now on.

And I agree- it is worth the investment to keep my body happy. I just wish that I could buy them for cheaper here instead of having to make my carbon footprint even bigger by having them sent to me.

bunnyfoo said...

Thinking of ordering my running shoes through Running Warehouse. Did pay any extra taxes or duties once your package crossed the border?

k said...

bunnyfoo- i haven't had to pay any extras so far and i think we've orderd 3 or 4 pairs from running warehouse. i sometimes wonder if i've just lucked out though...

(sorry it has taken a bit to respond)