Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a strange day

My days are not usually nearly as eventful as today was.

First off, I had an unfortunate morning that involved getting a couple of blocks from the bus stop (that since April when they changed up the OC transpo routes, is further away than it used to be) only to remember that I didn't have my bus pass. I was listening to my ipod at the time so I had zoned out enough not to know if there was anyone around my as I dropped a few choice words. Oops.

I quickly realized that even if I (literally) ran home and back, I wasn't going to make my bus...so I had resigned myself to the fact that I would be later than usual to work. As I walked home and, before 7am, realized that I was already sweating, I was kind of annoyed. Then I thought "wait a second...I have a CAR...a car that could get me to work...ON TIME...maybe even earlier than normal." But, if I was going to drive, I had to make it worth the parking cost. So, when I got home, I threw some running stuff together and figured I'd miss rush hour home by parking along the river, running somewhere that I hadn't run before, and then driving home.

So what started off as a crappy thing, actually turned into something nice...because it was a nice run despite the heat. Luckily it isn't too humid (so the 29 degrees that it was when I was running only "felt like" 31 instead of something closer to 36) today, so it actually felt kind of nice to get a hot run in. That being said, I looked forward to the shady patches AND the cold bottle of water I had in the car (in my new water bottle- i love it...it is a little heavier than the one i lost by leaving it on an airplane, but the fact that it keeps things cold AND that you don't have to taste the metal makes it a winner!). As I was running, all I could think was that I was glad I had forgotten my bus pass...(plus it allowed me to see another apartment on the way to my run...yup, i showed up to an apartment viewing in my running clothes...nice place, but unfortunately the bedroom was so small that our bed probably wouldn't fit...and neither would most people's queen sized beds)

So things were looking up (waaaaay up). I had to stop and get a couple of things at the grocery store on the way home (still in my sweaty running stuff...yum!), but all was well. I prepped the first part of dinner, showered and was finishing up with my dinner prep (put some edemame in the microwave) when all of the power went out in the kitchen. Hmmmm...the music (which is in the living room) was still on, but no power in the kitchen. I opened the fuse box only to disover that we still have old school glass fuses in there. Great.

Being pretty electrically incompetent (and not wanting to really fix anything- cause I'm tired and hungry and it is hot), I call my land lord...he's not home. Then I called my mum- cause she MUST have had old fuses before...she'll know what to do...nope, she didn't (but what did she do? she called HER mum to see if it was safe for me to try to do it myself). Did I mention it is pretty hot out and my fridge was no longer running? No? Well there's some darn good stuff in there and I don't want it to go bad...(there's stil ben and jerry's in the freezer after all). So I called Home Hardware to ask them a) if they carry fuses and b) if i bring them the old ones, can they tell me what to do? They said yes, and we're open until 8pm just bring them on in(at this point it is almost 7). Just as I'm about to leave, my land lord shows up at my door, with fuses, to save the day. Yay! (this whole time I'm texting back and forth with Jordan, who is in another time zone, telling him that he should feel sorry for me :)

When I finally sat down to eat, I was famished, had a headache, and decided that I should definitely have a beer. And so I did.


Leslie's Keith said...

I'm going to 'give' you the 5 'cardio points' for the day you just described! (and am now going to crack a beer myself and sit on the deck and listen to waves...in leiu of the cupcake...)

But hey...that can be the start of an offset program. 1 cupcake = 5 cardio points.



Jordan said...

What's a strage day?

k said...

that was the beer talking i think :)

Kirst said...

What are cardio points?
Nice Jordan after the day she had and you point out a flaw. :)
Cheers to your beer.

k said...

kirst- see the comments section of the "monday monday" post :)

Jordan said...

That's how I roll.

Runner Leana said...

Wow, those are some old school fuses! It definitely sounds like an interesting day. Way to get your run in though and make the best of forgetting your bus pass!

And I would have thought a beer would definitely be warranted!

k said...

jordan- that is definitely how you roll. and i'm used to it by now :)