Monday, June 29, 2009

reason #452 as to why i'm happy to be moving

I like a lot of things about living downtown. There are many reasons, however, that I'm glad I'm moving OUT of downtown on August 1st. Reason #452 happened yesterday.

I was coming home after picking Jordan up at the airport (yaaaay, he's home. AND he didn't even have to take the bus back from the airport) and was pulling into the driveway (read, a tiny paved path between our building and the one next to it) that leads into the (tiny) parking area behind our building. There were some questionable looking people walking into the parking area...and by walking I mean sauntering at a snail's pace. Now, most people have not seen how tiny the driveway that leads into the parking area is. We have a small car and IT barely fits between the two buildings- so by sauntering, they were forcing me to wait. And since I knew they weren't going to be up to anything all that savoury back there, I had to honk. And so out most of them sauntered, though I kind of figured there were a few others back there.

We (finally) pull in and park to see a drug deal going down. Oh yay. At that point, Jordan said exactly what I was thinking: "not much longer and we'll be out of here"
Yay! (this time without the sarcasm)


Kirst said...

Yay for moving. I would have probably peed myself from being scared.

k said...

Not if you had been living here for as long as we have. The first time I saw someone buying a bag of crack all out in the open I was afraid that they would be mad that I saw it and was kinda freaked out. But now I know that they really don't give a crap, they just want their money or their drugs and don't care about me.

Mostly I was just worried that more people back there mean more chances for someone to be mean to our car :)

Heather said...

I would be worried that the people wouldn't like that I was a witness as well. If they don't care, well I guess no big deal. But yeah, I'd be worried about the car too.

Fun that you got to pick Jordan up! I totally forgot about the car until now! This means my one short overnight this week maybe will be more productive if you can pick me up! Or drive me home... Saweeeeet!

Runner Leana said...

Wow, I'd be glad to be moving too!