Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just thought I'd put this in for today. I ran a women's only 5K today and really wanted to stick a note in the bathroom saying "you are a great runner,* and you are beautiful too" but with all my pre-race stuff going on, I didn't have the chance. I did have a good race though. And I got to see one of Canada's top female runners come flying by since it was a loop course. I'll post a recap and some pictures tomorrow.

*I got a text from my sister saying "you are a great runner" the day of my "back from stress fracture" 10K and it made me smile (and almost made me cry).


lu said...

that is awesome!

it reminds me of the messages that smartset (i think) had on the mirrors in the fitting rooms a few years ago that said 'you are beautiful' and perhaps not for the same altruistic purposes of these notes, i still think the message is a positive one and one we can give to other women so easily, so let's do it!

Heather said...

yeah I'm a really great sister.

(that was a joke in case anyone who doesn't know me is thinking I'm the worlds worst human.)