Friday, June 26, 2009

eek, thunder!

I'm not normally one to be afraid of a little storm, but the couple of giant thunder claps that I've heard in the last few minutes actually got a bit of a reaction out of me. Perhaps it was the fact that the first happened in brilliant sun light and that the second, which happened about 3 minutes after the first, happened in dark cloud cover. Hopefully that means it is a short and fast moving storm that won't be around for long. Because people were all chatty about tornadoes today and although I know there is no such warning right now, the "T" word itself kind of freaks me out. Perhaps I watched The Wizard of Oz one too many times as a kid. Or perhaps it was a friend in elementary school who one day convinced me that as soon as I got off the bus I should grab some food and head to the basement because she was SURE the sky looked like tornado-bringing sky. That's right, I believed an 8 year old who had no idea what she was talking about and to this day am perhaps a little scarred by the experience (thank goodness I remembered that box of Wheat Thins when I headed to the basement though).

Regardless, I have a fear of anything natural disaster related and I'm very glad I grew up in a place that is pretty much natural disaster proof. (seriously, unless you are afraid of very changeable weather, Calgary is the place to be if you are nervous about natural disasters...none of them happen there)

And just as a bonus, and to get my mind off the weather, here are a few pictures that a friend snapped of me just as I crossed the finish line last week. I like that you can tell I'm eyeing the clock in the first two photos.

(and it looks like i actually pulled away from orange shirt and didn't let her catch up...pretty cool!)

And just to show that I really am all over the place today, check out the latest Healthy Tipping Point post to see what kind of attention Operation Beautiful is getting. It is pretty cool. (and if you aren't interested in reading about the pancake party even though it looks delicious, just scroll to the end)

So how's that for a disorganized mess of a post on a Friday afternoon? Yup, I'm sure glad it is Friday.

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Leslie's Keith said...

Hey...growing up in Calgary?...and you don't recall the devastating, car destroying, 'wear a pot on your head to go outside' hailstorms?? Maybe not quite 'tornado'...but hey, makes running too far from home in June and July a bit scary.