Thursday, June 18, 2009

back at it

Well, I've been back from Vermont for a few days now but haven't quite had the time or energy to post. I think I'm good now.

I guess I'll start with the bad news first which was that on Sunday the 7th, my grandmother died. She had been suffering from Alzheimer's* for quite some time, but fell and broke her hip in May. This made for a rapid downturn. It was strange though because I talked with my dad on Saturday and he mentioned that they had taken her off all of her medications except for the pain meds. When I asked if I should head down there within the next few weeks, he said that I didn't have to worry immediately and should plan for the summer because the doctors figured she had about 6 months. The next day he called me with the news that 6 months had turned into about six hours. So it was kind of shocking, but kind of not.

That started a frenzy of activity that had actually started on Saturday when Jordan and I bought a car. YAAAAAY! After going 4 years without one, we are now with one. We ended up getting a 2009 VW City Golf (who has yet to be named). We are quite happy with it- especially because we ended up spending quite a bit less than we thought we would. Anyway, the frenzy was to try to get the car (which could not be picked up without insurance) in time to travel to Vermont for the funeral and all the accompanying activities. Since we bought one in stock (and got a rebate because of that- another yay) it was possible, but we almost hit a snag with insurance. Since neither of us had been insured in Ontario before AND no longer had our Alberta driver's licence numbers, we had a bit of an issue. Luckily, we had some connections and someone was able to look that up for us (THANK YOU!) we were able to pick it up in time to drive ourselves AND my mother down to Vermont.

We were also able to drive ourselves to an apartment that we were looking at...but ended up not taking it because we weren't sure about space and also I was just unable to make another decision at that point.

So why do we need a new car and a new apartment? Because Jordan got a contract as a professor at a university that is 3.5 hours away. Hooray for a job! (the market is pretty tough right now) But it means having an apartment here (it doesn't make sense for me to leave my job since for now the job is only one year) and one there. He'll be teaching Monday to Thursday (most likely) so he'll be there for that part of the week and here for the rest of the week.

So yes, things are a little chaotic around here right if I lose the capability to use complete sentences and paragraphs, please forgive me.

I managed to take some pictures on a really beautiful run in VT last week though- so stay tuned for those. Until then, check this out...a great idea. I'll have to get out my post-it notes.

*(and on the Alzheimer's note, I'll be hatching a wacky plan in the next few months to try to raise some money with my hopefully i can make it work and tell you all about it)


lu said...

while i am sorry to hear about your grandmother, i think there are a lot of positive things coming your way, chaos and all.

and i am excited that dieter has a new cousin! what colour is your city golf? do you love it?!

kris said...

two apartments and a car - I know money changes people but you guys oughta pace yourselves or this could get out of hand

k said...

lu- the yet to be named Dieter cousin is black. and i do love it.

Runner Leana said...

I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. It definitely sounds like a crazy time. Congratulations to your husband on the job and for the new car! Looks like some beautiful scenery in Vermont on your run.