Saturday, May 16, 2009

running with record breakers

Next weekend is race weekend here in Ottawa and therefore will be a busy weekend in our household. Jordan's parents are coming in to walk the half-marathon, Jordan is running the marathon*, and I'll be running my "back from stress fracture 10K."

Also running that 10K will be the winner of the 2008 2009 Boston Marathon- Deriba Merga. Race weekend organizers are offering $100,000 to whoever can break the 10K world record of 27:01 for men (which was set this March by Micah Kogo) and 30:21 for women (which was set in 2003 by Paula Radcliffe). They're also doing the race "battle of the sexes" style where the elite women get a 4 minute head start and the first person to cross the finish line gets an additional $5,000. Additionally, there's $2,000 to anyone who breaks the course record. So if you break the world record, the course record and you finish first, that's $107,000 in your pocket (oh the things I'll do with that money when I win ;-)

That's a decent amount of money on the line, so the race is attracting the big names such as Merga, Julius Kiptoo (last year's winner), and Hillary Kimaiyo (who has run 10K in 26:01 but it doesn't count as the record due to the course being mostly downhill). There are some pretty fast elite women showing up as well, including Canadian Tara Quinn-Smith who I'm pretty sure I saw at the expo in Toronto last year and she made me feel ginormous, but I'm not sure they expect the women's record to be broken.

The course is a loop, so I'm hoping that I'll be at a point in the race that I can look across the canal at about the 3 or 4 K mark and see them flying by on the other side. And as I'm somewhere between 5 and 6K, I will try NOT to think about the fact that the race has just been won. Regardless, it will be kind of cool to be running a race in which the world record might be broken.

*There's still time to contribute to his fundraising efforts and to throw down a goal based challenge


S said...

Congrats on surviving the stress fracture period of inactivity. Good luck on the race.

lu said...

can't wait to hear how the races go. have fun and stay in one piece!

Leslie's Keith said...

Have a great race weekend! Let me know how Jordan does with his 'goals'...and have a good 're-entry' into the 10k!