Wednesday, May 27, 2009

race weekend afterthoughts

A few afterthoughts about the weekend and then it will be back to business as usual:

-The 10K world record I mentioned last week did not get broken. Merga missed it by 24 or so seconds. A different world record DID get broken: the single-leg amputee record. I had no idea there would be an attempt (and apparently neither did he until a few weeks ago). Well done Mr. Ball! Two world records in two months? Wow!

-One of the participants in the marathon ran his 138th sub 3 hour marathon. Both Liz and I just kind of looked at each other and wondered if we had heard the announcer correctly.

-The top Canadian finisher was Reid Coolsaet who ran 2:17:10 in his marathon debut. I read a CBC story that called him "comfortable" at the end. He certainly looked it- he was pumping up the crowd and grinning from ear to ear. (check his blog out for his race report. someone should have warned him that somehow you ALWAYS end up running into the wind along the canal...i don't know how it works, but it does)

-Around the 5 and a half hour mark, a lady came running by absolutely sobbing. It was a very good example of the physical AND mental toll that running a marathon takes. I kind of wanted to give her a hug.

-Jordan was 105th overall (that's in the top 3%) and 13th in his age group. I think that's pretty wicked.

-I enjoyed this one much more than my last race- definitely a success!

-Watching kids cheer for their parents is adorable.

-Watching parents cheer for their kids is also pretty cool.

And just for you Heather- I caught someone wearing our favourite shirt:


k said...

Oh, and I THINK Jordan may have made (or come really close to) his revised and then revised again fund raising goal of $750 for the Ottawa Hospital foundation. Between his second donation (after reaching the A goal) and a few more donations that have been rolling in, I'm pretty sure he made it. HOORAY!

Heather said...

I'm so glad you saw that shirt. Seriously. Sushi? Apparently those sold so fast when we had them in the store, and there was also a sushi toque that was popular. Wow.

You guys did so well!

lu said...

that shirt is pretty funny. and apparently, there was a texan man there too, juding by the tattoo on that man's leg!

k said...

and apparently everything is bigger in texas...except the shorts :)

lu said...

and thighs, i am pretty sure mine are bigger than his too!

and i wanted to ask you if you ran in your running skirt? i still need to get one of those, but they seem so pricey in the stores!

k said...

I did run in my skirt. This is my third race in a skirt and I've liked it each time. I'm pretty sure that has a booth at the expo for the Calgary marathon weekend right could go check them out there- then if you liked the skirt you wouldn't have to pay shipping.