Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the numbers

So Sunday was collection day and was pretty darn annoying. Although I already knew that I tend to pee frequently, it became even more obvious when peeing was an ordeal. If I needed to pee, it had to start with a trip to the fridge. Ugh. Here are the numbers:

Time I got up in the morning to start the test: 6:30am
Kilometres run: 16
Ounces of fluid consumed on that run: 24
Ounces of fluid consumed after the run: about 32
Number of trips to the bathroom: I honestly don't know. There's no way I could count.
Number of times I thought twice before taking a sip of whatever drink I had: Also countless (as in, every single time I went to take a sip of water I thought "hmm, do I really want this? it means more peeing")
Number of times Jordan was grossed out by the pee in the fridge: At least 5
Number of times I had to get up in the middle of the night to pee: 1 (THANK GOODNESS- it was bad enough just the one time)
Top-most marking on the jug: 3.5L (i'm guessing it held close to 4L though)
And last but not least- Amount in the jug at the end of the 24 hours: just shy of 3.5L

Yup, that's right, practically to the top, and apparently above average. To throw in a dooce-ism: I might just be the valedictorian of peeing.

Oh and any idea how awkward it is to take a crowded bus while carrying a jug of refrigerated urine? Yeah, I kinda wanted to tell the person next to me just to see what her reaction would be.


Heather said...

umm, gross.

(re: telling the person next to you on the bus.)

lu said...

oh my, i hadn't thought of the bus trip in! how awkward!

and well done on the 16km run, throwing running into the mix is a surefire way to make it even more complicated.

Reverend Joyleaf said...

Holy cow. Do you have polyuria?

Kirst said...

You so should have told the person next to you on the bus. What a reaction you would have gotten.

kris said...

I definitely want to do this myself now just to see how I measure up.

Sandra said...

Did you have to take a pee break on the run? Now THAT would have been funny...carrying the jug for 16 km, or stopping by the house half way through.

I was in the lab not too long ago when a guy was standing there with a safeway bag and eventually pulled out a margarine container to give to the receptionist. She very loudly told him that this was not an acceptable container for his stool sample and that he would have to do it again, using a container that they provided. I thought the poor guy was going to melt into the ground.

k said...

I have generally had good luck while running and have never really had to stop and pee...so I wasn't too worried about the run and my luck held up and I didn't need to stop. It would have been good weight training if I had run with the jug at the end of the day though!
(i think the only stop i've ever really had to make was when my contact decided to move to the corner of my eye mid-run. luckily i was near a pub and was able to go fix it in the bathroom)

I wonder if the folks at the lab just get so used to bodily samples that they might forget that the rest of us are a little weirded out when we bring in our samples. So to her, telling him that his margarine poo wasn't good enough didn't seem nearly as insensitive as it does to the rest of us...

lu said...

i suppose that is true. if you deal poo samples everyday you might get a little exasperated with the margarine container. poor guy though!

Jordan said...

I've got a bad case of the margarine poos. I have no idea what that means, but it sounds hilarious.

Lori said...

I totally have to pee mid run and I don't even do it hard core like you or have a medical condition...or maybe I do and I just don't know it.

You now belong to the 'weird people on the bus' group. This is why I don't take the bus!
People taking their pee for a trip freaks me out.

Nice job on 16km!

k said...

If only I had had any other choice BUT to take the bus with my jug of pee...not worth paying a cab driver $20 just to escape the "crazy bus person" label. If only I had told the person next to me...maybe she too would have blogged about it :)

Ok, enough about my pee. I'll put a new post up soon!

lu said...

i actually LOVE that you took your pee on the bus, blogged about it, and that you are one of those crazy people on the bus! life would be boring if we were all the same. and public transport is the new black, don't cha know?!