Saturday, May 23, 2009

if you have any extra energy

If you've got good running thoughts, send them this way. I'm hoping to run hard tonight and I know Jordan's going hard send your glycogen to him and your extra oxygen to me :) It should be fun, but I know there will be a few kilometres where at least one of us thinks "really, I wanted to do this?"

But it is fun and hopefully the weather stays good and all of our body parts remain healthy.

And if he is able to get those 50 push ups in at the end of the marathon, I'll try my best to get either photographic or video proof of it. (and for anyone out there who still wants to donate, here's the link again)

Plus, send your good walking vibes to Jordan's parents, as they'll be out on the half-marathon course walking up a storm tomorrow morning!

Here's another pic just to remind us all that even when people run a quick time, they can get pretty disappointed too (plus I talked about her epic pout after Boston, and clearly I have a little bit of a girl crush on her):


Heather said...

WooooooWeeeeeee it's going to go so well!

Lulu said...


lu said...

how did it go? i am awaiting news!

Leslie's Keith said...

And the contribution to the worthy cause is??


k said...

I'll have a post was a busy weekend! If you want to see the results without hearing the story, check out

Or, wait with anticipatory delight for the full report. The short version is that we both PR'd (if that is a verb?) and there might be a trip to Boston in the next two years...
Were there push ups? Were there visits to the medical tent? Was there any vomit involved? You'll just have to wait and see :)