Saturday, May 30, 2009

good luck!

Just a quick post to say good luck to two of my favourite peeps.
Heather is running her super sprint triathlon tomorrow. H-mo, channel your inner Chrissie Wellington, and use your tough feet to get you through. And if you have trouble on the bike, just remember that you still have to run. Oh wait...ummm, I know you will do great and look just like this (couldn't find a good swim pic)
And Kirsten is doing her redemption half marathon. Run strong Kirsten! You can do it. Just pretend you are these lovely ladies (no Radcliffe style pit stops on the side of the road though):
I hope both of you have great days. Sleep well tonight and have fun tomorrow. I look forward to hearing all about your races.

(up next, adventures in Greek yogurt)


Kirst said...

Thanks Kristen! I'm already feeling the nervous don't want to eat etc. And for some reason I just want to cry not sure what that is all about.

k said...

Cry it out...but make sure you eat! I think you put so much physical and emotional energy into training that sometimes you go into overload when it is finally time. Eat even though you don't feel like eating!!!!

Heather said...

Thanks for all the good thoughts! I can post some pics later!!!! And Kirst you did awesome!

lu said...

why do people wear those arm warmer things? i've always been curious why they don't just wear a shirt?

k said...

Lu- my guesses are:
-it is harder to take off a shirt if you get hot
-sometimes it is just the extremities that get cold, so you don't need a full shirt
-they are relatively new, so there is kind of a buzz around them
-you can make your own by going to the Giant Tiger, finding a pair of skull and cross-bones argyle knee socks and cutting off the feet and then you feel bad-ass and somewhat preppy...