Saturday, April 11, 2009

a shameless plug

A little shameless fund raising for a moment...

Jordan is running the Ottawa Marathon (for the third time) on May 24th. One of the options that he's never taken advantage of (if that is the right way to put it) is the fund raising portion. As a part of participating in the marathon, you can raise money for the Ottawa Hospital Foundation- a pretty good cause.

For those of you who run, you probably understand the "sliding goal" system. Many people go into a race with three (or more, or maybe just 2) time goals:

Your A goal is kind of your long shot goal. If all the stars align and if you have a perfect day, you figure you might be able to pull this off.

Your B goal is your realistic goal. You think you have a really good shot of hitting it if things go well and you'll probably be a little disappointed if you don't make it.

Your C goal is kind of the "fall back" goal. You expect to hit it. You know you can do this as long as there isn't some outside factor like really crazy weather, or an injury, or something strange. If you don't make this goal, you'll either be really disappointed, or just glad to be alive because you were struck by lightning on the course and finished anyway. And hey, it is running so you never know what might happen.

Jordan has already donated to his cause, but if he makes his B goal, he will double that donation. Although he is a starving student, his pride far outweighs his poverty and there is no way he'd run slower just to avoid paying up.

So, feel free to donate by visiting his fund raising page here: link
If you want to do some donations based on whether or not he makes certain goals,* let me know. I'll be sure to hold you to it once the race is over.

*he'd really rather I didn't throw the times up there on the internets for all to read, but his C goal is to you can take it from there

And yes, I made sure he approved this message before I posted it


Leslie's Keith said...'s the plan. I will wait until the next time Leslie is desperate for Chocolate, then I will 'sell' her the Mini Eggs I recently won on this site! All proceeds will go directly to Jordan's cause...(and they should be significant, as I will wait until Leslie gets back from one of her 'ridiculous' runs, and dangle them in front of her nose!)

If Jordan hits his "B" goal, I will double the amount, and A goal, tripple. (And if he can do 50push ups at the finish line (which started this whole thing...) 4 x!

I'm good for it!


Randy said...

Inquiring minds (who aren't runners) need to know, what is BQ?

Jordan said...

Boston Qualifier. Unless you have a sponsorship or charity exemption, to run the Boston marathon you must first qualify by having run a previous marathon at a certain time according to your age and gender. For Men under 35 it is 3:10.

Randy said...


Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point said...

thanks for checking out my blog!! and im super sorry you had stress fractures, but i admire your ability to look on the positive side :)