Monday, April 20, 2009

one second?

Today was "marathon monday" in Boston. Although I will most likely never run the race, I was following it this morning and was glad I did. The women's race was won by a second. ONE SECOND. 26.2 miles and it all came down to one stride:
I think that is pretty darn nuts.
(and that second place finisher? she won by 2 seconds last year...i think she's now been involved in the two closest races in Boston history)

I was pulling for a Kara Goucher win, but it wasn't in the cards today. She came third (8 seconds after the other two), but definitely had a prize winning pout at the end. (and i mean that in all could tell she really wanted it and for most of the race thought she had it. i could see the heartbreak on her face and felt really bad for her...but it really was an epic pout)

The mens race was pretty gutsy and it always floors me as to how fast those guys can run.

Of course, the elites weren't the only ones running today. So to all you Boston Marathoners out there- congrats. I hope you had the best race you could today.


Leslie's Keith said...

I bet when they finished and got home they didn't find a tube of MINI EGGS waiting in their mail like I did on my return from the Diablo Marathon yesterday! (I also bet that it didn't take them 7.5 hours, and they didn't have to do 8000ft of elevation gain in 90 degree heat!)

Thanks for the 'follow through'...brought a big smile to my return (and leslie's)..

I'm adding the ridiculous postage amount to my pledge to Jordan's race...


Now to go out and find a cupcake...

k said...

i was trying to save the earth by not buying multiple small plastic bags of mini eggs...and forgot that the bags would have been flat and thus would be considered a "letter" rather than "parcel" oops. lesson learned :)

That heat must have been killer for you two coming from the still snow-covered Banff!