Wednesday, April 15, 2009

drink tax?

I've read a few stories lately about the proposal to tax "sugary drinks". Some call it a fat tax, others call, a tax?

Anyway, from what I understand the taxed drinks would be "sweetened beverages"- so pop, sports drinks and some juice drinks. I don't have too much of a problem with an extra tax on pop or on drinks masquerading as juice, but here's my issue:
As somemone who tends to use sports drinks "as directed" (ie, while running for a decent amount of time and in hot weather-when I need some extra electolytes and sugar), I'm not so keen on being taxed on my Gatorade.
What do y'all think?

(I do generally buy the powder and mix it, so perhaps the tax would only apply to the pre-mixed bottles...but I don't really know the details)


S said...

If the idea is to tax things that are unhealthy and contribute to increased health care costs, it would seem that including sports drinks is pretty counter-productive. My trainer-friends have always told me I had to drink a Gatorade any time I ran over 5 miles because water alone just wouldn't replace everything I'd exerted out. But obviously if you're drinking a sports drink in that context, you're not exactly a health risk.

I wouldn't stop buying gatorade, etc., but I wouldn't be happy about it. It would probably be the thing that finally got me to give up pop completely. (I'm mostl there as it is, but I still ocassionally get a coke.)

Would G2 and Powerade Option and Propel also be taxed?

lu said...

i have heard that gatorade is really only necessary when you run long distances so i wonder if the research is conclusive as to how exactly to use them 'as directed.'

and surely, the majority of sports drinks are not sold to athletes, endurance or not.

considering we live in a country that has free health care (more or less), i am fine with the tax. i would rather pay that small tax on pop then pay for people's health needs in the future.

if i lived in the us, i might feel differently. or demand free medical care.

S said...

Yeah, if I have to pay that tax in the US, I want the health care for everyone that comes with it! But I've been pushing for universal health care since the Hillary Clinton task force.

k said...

I think it depends on your body. I sweat a LOT and I'm a pretty salty sweater (I often end up with salt on my face even after a run in cooler temperatures) so I tend to need to replenish the electrolytes a little more than some.
I just think it would be kind of ironic that I'd be paying a "fat tax" to use it to run.

I've tried Ultima and some of the other non-sugary alternatives, but they are more expensive than Gatorade. I've been wanting to try Nuun though. I might pick some up next time I see it.