Friday, March 20, 2009

the very hungry caterpillar

This is what I was greeted with when I opened my browser today.
The very hungry caterpillar was always one of my favourite books to look at as a kid- even when I was well beyond the age of reading "picture books", I just always loved to look at the pictures (of almost all of Eric Carle's books actually). I guess some people at Google feel the same way. They made me smile this morning. I hope it gives you a smile too.


lu said...

i LOVE that! best google idea ever. eric carle's book are brilliant.

Evey said...

totally love it!

And hey i still love picture books and im 31 :)

Kirst said...

We love his books. I'm thinking a good birthday party idea is the Hungry Caterpillar. Maybe for the Spencenator.