Monday, March 02, 2009

not so reality tv

So as I was watching the Biggest Loser last week, something strange happened. A guy ran a marathon with very little training in under 4 hours. And not just "some guy", but rather a guy that had just lost 100 pounds in 8 weeks (impressive weight loss though. WOW).

Being someone who likes to run, I was actually looking at the clock when they showed him finishing his marathon. It looked to me like it read either 5:XX or 6:XX, so I was chin dropping surprised when they said that he had completed his first marathon in under 4 hours (i think it was something like 3:53). Keeping in mind that the Boston marathon qualifying time for women under 29 is 3:45 (for men of the same age it is 3:10), that is pretty darn speedy...and that is on not much training and honestly, when they showed him running it didn't seem that fast.

We thought it was a little fishy, but figured it was just a typo or something like that. Then, this comes out: apparently he had a little help, and the production company lied. Not cool NBC and Reveille productions. I suppose not cool Dane too, but I kind of feel sorry for him. He has accomplished a lot and I really feel like he is a bit of a victim in some of this. Especially when you read some of the comments...harsh much? Come ON isn't like he killed someone or stole something. Lets cut the poor guy some slack here. The production company needed a shot of the finish line. They are the ones that mentioned his finishing time on the show. They could have just let it go and say he ran a marathon...but nope, they had to go and make up a time.

And here I though the show was 100% real 100% of the time. I mean those nutritional tips about chewing extra sugar free gum and using ziplock storage bags were just so out of the blue and seemed like real tips. Bob really does want me to walk to Subway doesn't he? And those frozen vegetables? No one paid them to mention those did they?

here's an update with some of Dane's version of the story: link

next up, i had a delightful meal last weekend...hopefully i can muster the time this week to tell you all about it.


Heather said...

I don't really know how I feel about that. I don't think he deserves all the slander, but he shouldn't have lied (which seems like it was influenced by the TV company). Hmmmm.

S said...

Did they seriously think no one would figure it out? Every race I've ever run has published the results on the web somewhere.

I'm just glad to know I'm not the only person who blogs about The Biggest Loser from time to time. :)

lu said...

i often wonder how 'real' the amazing race is too and i am sure it is not as real as i believe it is.

and i love hearing about good food, especially meals that are good enough to blog about!

liz said...

From Dane's story: "I definitely know that there's people out there in the running community, which I'm obviously not a part of, so I'm not familiar with the runner's etiquette"..

As someone who is not part of the running community, I feel as though it is not unreasonable to anticipate that the "etiquette" would be that if you are going to say you ran a complete marathon to actually run a complete marathon.

In other news, I recently ran a marathon. (Oh wait, no, poor etiquette.)