Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Since the cool kids are posting recipes, I thought I'd share my quasi recipe for the yummy quinoa salad I made last night. I'm quite into the quinoa lately. If you haven't tried it, it can be scary looking at first, but don't be afraid. It is delicious AND nutritious.

First I cooked about a cup (it would have been a cup if I had a full cup left, but I had about 7/8ths of a cup left) of quinoa in vegetable broth. I've learned that cooking it in broth is FAR tastier than water. I've also mixed water and broth...good too.

As I was cooking it, I chopped some yellow pepper, cucumber, tomato, feta, green onion (wanted to use red onion, but the one I had was old and scary looking, so I went with the green), artichoke hearts (I had some to get rid of) and spicy marinated eggplant. I think the eggplant was key. It is kind of a different texture and added some really good spice to the salad. Plus, it reminds me of DiRienzo's sandwiches, and those are just darn tasty.

Once the quinoa was done, I put in in a bowl and stirred it for awhile to cool it down a bit. I added the rest of the stuff while the quinoa was still warm, but not piping hot. (this made the feta soften a bit and i liked that)

Since the eggplant was marinated in oil and spices, I figured I didn't need too much dressing, so I just splashed in some white wine vinegar and olive oil. I thought of using balsamic, but thought the white wine would be a little mellower.

All in all, I really liked it- though I probably should have added a little more vinegar, it was lacking a bit in acid. I find quinoa to be really versatile. It is good on its own, good in salads and is really quite good for you.

So there you have it: mish-mash quinoa salad.


lu said...

i have always wanted to try quinoa! glad to have an idea what to do with the stuff.

three cheers for complete proteins!

k said...

three cheers indeed- this morning i realized that i hadn't had any meat since saturday (and even that was fish).

Heather said...

I litteraly JUST finished eating a quinoa stir fry that I made with some veggies, red quinoa, mango sauce and sriracha hot sauce. Delicious. I'm going to try yours fo sho.

k said...

is there a taste difference between the red quinoa and the "normal" quinoa?