Wednesday, March 11, 2009

copyediting: a lost art?

I was foiled by two different headlines this week.

The first was about the Montreal Canadiens. The headline read: Canadiens can coach Carbonneau.
I read it and thought to myself "I don't get can a team coach a coach?" Then I read the story and found out that the team fired the coach. As in he got canned. And then I felt dumb.

The second was on the BBC health site and read: Migraines increase pregnancy risk. Well this I had to read. Migraines make you more fertile? What? Then I read it and found out that if you suffer from migraines, you are more likely to have a stroke during pregnancy. (and if you are a migraine sufferer and don't feel like reading the story, don't worry, the risk of stroke during pregnancy even with migraines is really quite low)

So my question is: am I just dumb or were those headlines poorly written? I'd like to think they were poorly written, but I fear that maybe I'm just having a bit of a slow brain week. Maybe I have a migraine coming on?


S said...

It's funny that you posted about that migraine headline because one of my friends used that headline in his facebook status this morning, joking that he could no longer be angry at a woman who begged off with a headache because she would just be protecting him from an unwanted pregnancy.

kris said...

Those headlines are dumb and you're as smart as ever.

Your headline should have been: "copyediting a lost art?" That would've been funny.

lu said...

and i just saw this one: Oilsands companies after human waste dumped in river

which i thought meant that the oilsands companies were going after the human waste that was dumped in the river. Or maybe that the oilsands companies were next to be dumped in the river?

Evey said...

That is totally funny. I can def see how those could be read either way.