Tuesday, March 24, 2009

apparently i have a bit of a theme going...

With needing to post pictures. Clearly the bacon shirt is a little more cheerful than this one.

Anyway, the cover of the Metro Ottawa paper today broke my heart (link ). I couldn't stop staring Ms. Lane and I welled up a bit. Her grief is just so obvious and I never want to know what that feels like. (For those who don't want to click the link, she is at the "casket arrival" ceremony. Her husband was killed in Afghanistan)
During a week where there has been much talk about the people at Fox making fun of the Canadian military, I think that this picture shows that yes, Canadians are making some pretty serious sacrifices in Afghanistan. Whether you agree with it or you don't, there are Canadian families across the country that are living without their loved ones- both temporarily and permanently.

For the record Fox, as Canadians, we're not used to thinking about our military as being part of combat missions and "fighting". (at least my generation of Canadians isn't anyway) So this is kind of weird for us. It really will take awhile for us (both the military and just the plain old citizens of Canada) to recover from this.

And on a happier note, (and I considered waiting for this one, as not to make light of the previous picture, but decided to put this in anyway) someone in New York also loves bacon:


lu said...

that image makes my stomach drop. i have spent some time thinking about what it would be like to have your partner come home in a casket and i still cannot imagine it. i wish i could just hug this woman.

Kirst said...

I too never want to be in that position. I think about that kind of thing a lot. Not in a morbid way but a what would I do if something like that happened Chris, kind of way.
you're not the only tearing up.

k said...

Lu- I feel the same way. I want to reach into the picture and hug her.

Kirst, I think it would be a little weird if you didn't think about it every so often.

Leslie's Keith said...

Thank you for the other inspiring picture on Leslie's blog!