Thursday, February 19, 2009

i'm not the only one

Well, since I have a sister, clearly I'm not the only one, but you know what I mean:
Sadly, the only person who got to see the result of all my hard work was my own mother who by law is required to follow up any compliment with, "Is that a pimple on your forehead? Here, let me touch it."

Seriously though, I thought that my mother was the only one that felt the need to poke (and point out) every zit I have ever had.

(coincidentally, my mother is currently visiting...and it is very nice to have her here. extra good news: i currently have no zits)


S said...

That makes three of us! I'm a 35 year-old home-owner with a successful professional career, but my mother would still pop every pimple on my face if I didn't scream in protest. Maybe it's a mom thing.

Heather said...

The worst part is that I usually have just spent 10 minutes putting on 50 layers of concealer and powder and cover stick thinking that the pimple was invisible, and not only could my mother see it, she just wiped off all the cover up when she poked it!