Monday, January 19, 2009

winter blahs

I'm sorry about the lack of posting. I just feel like if I did post, I'd sound like a whiny baby since I'm going through some winter blahs. It is cold, snowy, and the buses are STILL on strike (weird news story about it at this link: here)

In other news though, tomorrow the president elect becomes the president...that should be interesting.

Plus, Ellen finally managed to score an appearance by George Clooney. I'm pretty sure she's been going on for months about it.

I hope you are all dealing with the lack of sunshine better than I am. Oh wait, a lot of you have been bathed in sunshine and warm temperatures for almost a week now...Instead of telling you off, I will express my gratitude that at least someone is getting some nice weather.


lu said...

i keep think of you in that darn strike. i hope that you are managing to get around without too much issue.

and thanks for the warm wishes on the weather! it really is glorious.

Reverend Joyleaf said...

You're not alone in your winter blahs. Yesterday was Blue Monday. Look it up.

Blue Monday