Wednesday, January 28, 2009

nine in 09

Instead of a late year in review, I’ve decided to do a late goal setting for 2009. As I mentioned earlier, I don't resolve ('cause i feel like it sets me up for failure), I set goals. Maybe if I make them public, I will hold myself more accountable. I have decided to set 9 goals. Why nine? Why not? (and far easier than coming up with 2009 goals)
  • No more injuries
I’m not exactly sure how to do this effectively. 2008 brought stress fracture number two and I want it to be the last. I wish I had the know-how to make my own or the resources to find someone to design a good plan that could make me faster, make me fitter, but not break me. My tentative plan is to see if I can combine some ready-made training programs to fit the time I have between now and some goal races. Stretch them out so that I repeat weeks? Regardless, I am fine with a bit of pain, but I have no desire to break any more bones.
  • Give myself a break every so often
One of my problems with training and running (and just about everything really) is that I tend to be pretty hard on myself. Often it seems that nothing I do is good enough for my own standards. I reach a goal and then somehow figure I should have done better. Or I don’t reach a goal and then really beat myself up over it. And why? It isn’t like I am going to the Olympics anytime soon (or ever…well unless it is to watch). Setting goals and achieving them is good. Getting all down on myself for not being good enough or smart enough or whatever- not good! No one is going to think I’m a bad person or a wimpy person if I skip a run or if I run a 9 minute mile instead of an 8 minute mile. So my goal is to give myself a break.
  • Read more
I love to read, but I don’t seem to be reading as much as I should. I picked up more books in the 2nd half of 2008 than I did in the first half, so I ended the year well and have actually started the year pretty well too. I don’t have any specific books in mind or any “must slog through the Iliad by the end of the year” type goals. But I like to read and I’d like to do it more this year.
  • Increase the recipe repertoire
I like to eat and I like to eat “with variety”. Unfortunately, it is sometimes hard to fit that into the schedule. I think it would be great to try a few more recipes a little more often. So if you have a favourite, pass it on!
  • Stop worrying about some of the little things.
This is mostly self explanatory. There are many things I cannot control or that just really don’t matter. Who cares if the crazy man at work thinks that the Pussycat dolls dance around in their underwear tastefully whereas the Chili Peppers do not? Clearly he would just rather look at girls pouring on the skank as opposed to a bunch of guys being guys. And that is just fine. No use getting my knickers in a twist about it…
  • Race a 5K (maybe more than one), improve my 10K time, run another half.
Sure that’s three things, but it kind of goes along with my “don’t get injured” goal and my attempt at a new attitude. It isn’t “just” a 5K, or a 10K or a half. They are all fun (although if you heard about my last half, I didn’t have much fun) and they are all good distances. Before my leg broke, I thought that one of my goals for 2009 might be to run a marathon. I guess I’ll save the marathon for 2010 (maybe a 30th birthday present? Maybe a “run a marathon before I turn 30” present? Who knows) and this year I'll focus on distances that I’m pretty sure won’t break me. I like the idea of pushing hard for 10K and really hard for 5K. I think it might be fun to learn how to do some speed work. Then maybe I can throw in a summer or fall half marathon just to run it. Maybe my time will improve and I'll dip under 2 hours, maybe it won’t. I just need to prove to myself that I can do it again. (and can I add that I’d love to do another race with my sister? I don’t know if it will work in 09 but I hope it can…even if it is “just” a 5K ;-)
  • Be greener
Whether it is thinking twice (or three times) before buying something, turning extra lights off, or thinking about which products to buy because they have less packaging, I want to reduce my impact on the environment. I do already think about how the things I do or buy might have an impact on the world (and the poor polar bears from the Plane Earth DVDs), but there is always room to improve.
  • Be more money savvy.
I don’t waste a lot of money, but there are always ways to cut back and to make smarter choices. One of these months I’ll track every penny I spend, take a look at the results and see where the waste and silly choices are.
  • Keep in touch more and show the people I love how much I do care.
Again, pretty self explanatory. I’ve felt like I haven’t been paying enough attention to those around me lately. I’ve missed sending birthday cards and I’ve been neglectful with emails and phone calls. This year will be better.

So there you have it- my nine in oh nine.


Heather said...

I like it. I'm going to copy you. But I think you should change one goal to "run a 5k and a 10k" and skip the half. If you run the half, I don't think you'll achieve your goal of "no more injuries". Make 2010 your half and full year. That's my two cents.

And I love you by the way! (I'm stealing that goal of yours too)

k said...

The goal of running a half feels more like a distance goal instead of actually a "race goal". So far, the longest I've run in 09 (and yes, the year is young) is a whopping 3.2K. So even if it is just during a training run, I need to get to that 20K mark. So yeah, maybe "running a half" should be a amended a bit. I'll have to edit it when it isn't 5:30am and I feel like doing some strikethroughs.

lu said...

what a great idea! goals are much better than resolutions and i think it is because they are generally framed in the positive, which sets you up for success from the outset. and i might just be able to help you with one of them...

Kels said...

good list! especially "not worrying about the little things" which is definitely a hard one. i might have to add this resolution to my list.

Huda Hakawi said...

You are inspirational! I really like the one about "the little things." What are the big things? When I think about it, there aren't as many "big" things that need worrying. Certainly the health of those we love, our own health, and the long-term health of the planet are some of those "big" issues, but when I think about all the little things about which I waste time getting upset, I realize that I am wasting way too much energy.

Good luck on the running goals as well. btw...I loved the account of Jordan's race. Thank you!