Sunday, January 11, 2009

the morning fog may chill the air

(i think i may have left my heart in san francisco)
I hear that Monday is the new weekend. I know I promised a post, but I'm not the one that resolved to pay more attention to her blog this year. In fact, I generally don't make resolutions at all. I set goals, but I try not to set myself up for resolution failure.

I wanted to do a year in review but so far haven't really found the time or energy to do it. Hopefully I'll get around to it just in time for everyone to be all "seriously? NOW you do a year in review? that is SO last month." Honestly though, I think I've sunk into a bit of the post-holiday, back to work, dead of winter, still in the midst of a transit strike blues. I feel a bit trapped by the cold and trapped by the fact that I either have to rely on someone's kindness, walk, rent a car, or take a cab to get anywhere. For the most part, we can walk for groceries and pretty much all immediate necessities. But I was sick of not being able to go anywhere on a whim before the transit strike. Now I just want to grab the next car (or plane?) and go anywhere that isn't within walking distance of our apartment. That feeling kind of scares me as we've only been back 4 days. It is going to be a loooong winter.

In happy news however, I have now started running again. Yaaaay! I'll be starting on the treadmill due to the ice and snow and I have to start at 25% of the mileage that caused the stress fracture. So, it will be slow and long, but at least I'm back at it. I also may have found something "easy" I can do to prevent future fractures: switch my asthma medication. Apparently one of the components of the one I'm taking can result in bone issues. Hopefully my doctor will agree that I can be switched to something without bone density side effects.

And, because I loved it so much, here's another picture:

(and after all that, i posted after all...well then, maybe this non-resolution thing really does work)


lu said...

it wasn't a resolution so much as a wildly optimistic prediction!

but so far, so good.

glad to hear that you are running again. i will think of you when i need a little inspiration as i motivate myself to get moving.

Kels said...

that is great that you are back running again. i just went for my first run in a loooonnng time and just about passed out..ahhh good times.(working out while travelling is proving to be rather difficult)

hope it goes better for you!

Kirst said...

Happy to hear you are back it. Hope the ankle continues to hold up. I too went running for the first time in a very long time and it was tough but it was a good kick to the butt. Race day will be here before I know it.