Thursday, January 15, 2009

memories to keep me warm

One of my "must go" places I found before our trip to San Francisco was Dynamo Donut and Coffee. It started with a rumour about bacon donuts and continued when I saw this post on David Lebovitz's food blog. Although I'm usually not one to dive for the donuts, I do recognize that a good donut is a thing of beauty. Light, fluffy, sweet (but not too sweet)...perfect with coffee and just really quite delicious. I needed to try these strange combinations. A fresh donut instead of something that came off a truck...So we made the trek and it was well worth it.
Unfortunately, we were not able to try the Bacon-Apple with Maple Glaze (which apparently only appear on Fridays and Sundays), but the Lemon-Thyme were spectacular. I highly recommend a stop to Dynamo. It is in the Mission district, which is a place you should check out anyway, and just down the street from the alley with all the murals:
(this was one of a few strange coincidental finds. A picture of this mural used to be the wallpaper for my computer. as we walked away from dynamo, i happened to look behind me and out of the corner of my eye, say the mural. i knew it was in san francisco, but hadn't bothered to figure out where. then it shows up in the corner of my eye...weird)

So yes. My message? If you are in San Francisco, go to Dynamo Donut and Coffee (their website is not that informative). Preferably on a day when they are making the bacon donut. Then you can FedEx a few over to me :) Oh and maybe a chipotle chocolate one too. Heck, get me a two of each flavour they have that day and send them as fast as you can.


kris said...

Did you know there's a WTWTA movie being made?

Do many cities have a 'mission' district?

k said...

My guess is that in this case, mission is from the days of the Spanish Missionaries and not what we consider a "mission" now. Although I suppose they are connected.

I did not know about the movie. Thank you for the tip. Oh and PS- I am fairly sure you're right and women actually don't love the earth ;-)

kris said...

I didn't say it - the Discovery Channel did.