Monday, December 01, 2008

world aids day

Support World AIDS Day


Sandra said...

Today they went and tested all of the kids, boys and girls, at one of the junior high schools for HIV. I'm really interested to hear about how they deal with things when there is a positive test. It is really interesting to see how common a topic HIV/AIDS is here. There are billboards with messages like, "A friend with AIDS is still a friend." I'm finding it very interesting to be here for World AIDS Day. Unfortunately there has been little mentioned about this day here, I think because there is an election on Sunday and that is taking ALL of everyone's time right now. It also really is a daily issue anyway, even though the incidence of HIV is quite low here, about 3% of the population.

lu said...

ahhhh.... i really, really hope that was not mandatory testing done on children. eek.

sorry, just had to comment on that. a bit of a public health pet peeve of mine (and any one working in human rights!).

and thanks for the reminder that today is world aids day. i was so wrapped up in the fact that there is christmas music on the radio ALL DAY now until christmas that i had forgotten.

Sandra said...

Thanks for commenting Lu. I'm still trying to find out subtly exactly what they were doing (I think they did pregnancy tests too!) even though it doesn't involve what I'm working on. I bristled at the thought of them just going in to take all of these kids out for testing but then wondered if this was something I just didn't understand. Thanks for confirming that it's okay to feel this way.