Friday, December 19, 2008

the russian

Back when the bus was still running (i know it hasn't even been two full weeks, but it feels like an eternity), I had an interesting trip to work.

It was one of the first snowy days, but it really wasn't all that cold. I got on the bus, got settled, and as usual, looked around to see if there were any interesting characters. Sitting in one of the front bench seats (reserved for those who aren't as mobile as others) was a younger man that I dubbed "the Russian". He had that Russian look. He was quite pale and reminded me of a mix of many Russian hockey players and to top it off, he was wearing fur trimmed gloves and a fur hat.

The bus started to get pretty full as we continued on the route. Two or three stops before my destination, an older man got on the bus and looked around for a seat. No one budged. He starts waving wildly at the sign that shows who is "allowed" to sit in the front seats. His gaze mostly directed at the guy in the fur trimmed gloves. When STILL no one made a move to get up for him, the older man went straight to the Russian and made a motion that seemed to say "hey jackass. i'm old. you're give me that seat". The Russian looks at the older man, looks down at his own legs and starts pulling up his pant leg to reveal a prosthesis. Well as soon as that fake leg came out, old man gets all apologetic, and tries to apologize to the Russian. He obviously said something like "oh so terribly sorry"...but instead of stopping there, grabs the poor russian's pasty white cheeks in each and and goes in for a kiss.

Unfortunately, I had to get off the bus at that point, so I only managed to see the russian madly flailing his furry gloved hands in the direction of old man's face. It was the only time I've ever considered staying on the bus just so that I could see the end of an incident...

And hopefully, the busses will be running again soon and I'll see the Russian once again.


Kirst said...

too funny! I'm laughing out loud and the kids are wondering what is so funny.

Heather said...

That's really funny... I'm picturing a really snotty sloppy man to man kiss.

lu said...

i always wonder what the protocol on seat offerings is. if i have worked a long day and am tired, i like to sit, but i am usually uncomfortable if a man offers me his seat as though it is more difficult for me to stand. i wonder if the guy with the prosthesis felt the same way?

either way, i have been wondering how you have been coping with this transit strike especially considering the weather.