Wednesday, December 10, 2008

of stress fractures and transit strikes

So I'm now on week 3 (half-way done yaaay!) of no running. The world and the city of Ottawa have both done me a bit of a "solid" by making the sidewalks and roads practically impassable the last couple of days, so that has helped a little bit. But on the legs were pretty much itching. I had Kirsten's "Jimmy crazy legs" to the extreme and just wanted to get out there. Instead, I took a trip to the gym, got on the bike and tried the elliptical for the first time. I felt like an uncoordinated weirdo. Firstly, it took me a good 10-20 seconds to figure out how to go forward instead of backward. Then, I just felt completely awkward the entire 25 minutes I was on there. But the bike felt just fine, so at least I didn't feel like a moron the entire time. (well, except for the fact that I was the only person sweating in the entire gym...but whatever) The bonus is that I felt no pain, worked up a sweat, got the heart rate up fairly high, and felt good about getting some non-running cardio in. I've got a 3 month pass to the gym now and will have to keep going through the rest of the winter and beginning of the spring so that I can keep up the cross-training and cardio as I slowly bring up my mileage once I'm allowed to run again. (slowly being pretty this is fracture number 2, i plan on being extra careful.)

Now onto the transit strike. We live downtown, don't have a car, and we're pretty darn reliant on public transit. I take the bus to work and back every day and if we need to get anywhere outside of walking range in the evening or on the weekend, we take the bus. So when the transit drivers walk off the job, we have no transportation. Luckily, there is someone at work who has a car and who lives within walking distance from our apartment who has offered to drive me to work. (and thank goodness he offered...a couple of people told me he lived near me, but it is pretty hard to walk up to someone you've talked to just once and ask for something) Unfortunately, he is a manager, so I am guessing that he works longer hours that I I may end up being at work longer and later than I want to on some days, but at least I can get to and from work. I feel really bad for the students that aren't sure how they'll get to exams, parents who now have to drive their kids to their different schools, and the many people who work at jobs that aren't nearly as flexible as mine. Again, at least I can get to work and if all else failed, I could work most days from home if I needed to. (plus I'm not ALL that far from work, so a couple of people offered to come pick me up later in the morning once traffic had died down)

Today, however, I worked from home. The strike was going to happen at 12:01am, so there was always the chance a deal would be reached and a wicked storm was rolling I decided to stay put and work from home. Oh how nice it was to be able to sleep an extra hour, work in direct natural light, not have to listen to the crazy ramblings of certain people at the office, wear jeans and a t-shirt, do laundry in the middle of the day... Why do I go to work at all? The change of scenery was definitely nice, but I'm sure eventually working from home would get old. And Jordan will be glad to get his office back tomorrow.


S said...

What is up with the people who go to the gym but don't really work themselves? I don't belong to a gym now (treadmill and lots of weight stuff at home), but when I did attend a gym, there were times where I wanted to run through the cardio area and crank up everybody's speed or resistance or incline. It's called a WORK-out for a reason!

Frayed Laces said...

Oh gosh I always feel like an ass on the eliptical. I've actually fallen off a few times.

Heather said...

You sweat enough for the rest of them... hehe haha.

I'm sorry about the strike... I was in the states when I heard about it, otherwise I would have phoned you to say sorry. Maybe you should work from home though!