Sunday, December 21, 2008

i'd like to be more like warren

Yesterday, I heard about a site that pairs homeless people who would like to receive a Christmas present with people who are able to give. It has mini-bios of the participants and what he or she might like for Christmas. A lot of are gift cards. Some people need to be able to buy clothes, others to buy shoes, and some would like to be able to get a cell phone to be able to connect with their families and look for jobs. Some people just want transit passes so that they can get around.
I went back to look at the site today and came across this bio:

Warren C, Male
Warren has been homeless for 4 years. He had made some bad financial decisions and also fell into drug and alcohol abuse, but is currently in recovery. The most stressful thing about being homeless is the lack of privacy in the shelter. Warren enjoys watching movies and sports. He hopes to help brighten someone else's Christmas as this Wish List has done for him
For Christmas, Warren would like:

- a toy donated to Toy Mountain in his name

I think that I have just learned a little more about the spirit of Christmas from Warren. So, although you will probably never read this: thanks Warren.

And if you are in Calgary; Vancouver; Kelowna; Boise, ID; Denver, CO; Las Vegas, NV; Miami, FL; or Portland, OR and you are interested in donating, the website is


Heather said...

That's really incredible.

lu said...

that is nice. and what christmas should be about.