Tuesday, December 02, 2008

a day without gays

I saw this on the "A day without Gays" facebook page. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, this article is an ok explanation: link. (or you could look it up on facebook) I guess it originally started with a day without mexicans to protest immigration issues.

While I doubt it makes much sense to "call in gay" here in Canada, I think for the US, it is an interesting concept.

Anyway, since I usually have such a hard time making my thoughts about this topic sound even reasonably intelligent, I found the video touching.


k said...

PS- i know it is sometimes hard to leave comments about controversial topics such as this. and you can still refrain from commenting if you don't want people to pick a fight with you, but know that i respect your opinion regardless of whether or not it is aligned with my own. i will defend your right to have your opinion and to share it with others as long as it is not done in a hateful manner.

(seriously though, any time i write a post like this one i feel like i need to pull the old "tap.tap...is this thing on?"

lu said...

haha, that is sort of funny - the image of you tapping your computer screen!

i hadn't a clue what this was all about when i first saw a gay friend on facebook join that group on my newsfeed! now it makes more sense.

my two cents, although the only thing that really made me want to comment was to say you made me laugh with your tap.tap! i still think it is funny.

Jordan said...

I like the video. Very thoughtful, intelligent, and sincere. I usually don't comment on your blog because I see you fairly often but I will make an exception here as I know all too well the pain of the "is this thing on?" moment.