Monday, November 10, 2008

monday monday....

So hopefully I am NOT on the IR. (that is injured reserve for you non sports folks out there) I had an unfortunate incident with my arms being full of towels, my vision being obscured, and a full can of mousse falling from the middle shelf onto my "third little piggy" (I think that's the one that wanted roast beef?). I didn't know it was coming, so I didn't know it had fallen until it hit my toe. I immediately threw myself onto the bed and into convulsions. Jordan came in and tried to make me feel better at first (though unfortunately I think the only thing I could say was "please don't touch me" because it was that kind of pain), then made fun of me a bit, then went and got me frozen peas, then made fun of me a bit more when he saw that I was crying, then realized that maybe it wasn't very nice to make fun of someone so obviously in pain.*

I tried the frozen pea bag sandwich on it, but found it almost too painful to have the weight of the bag of peas on my poor toe. So I gave up, popped some ibuprofen and headed to bed. All night, I dreamed of things being wrong with my foot. In fact, in one of the dreams, the toe in question was clearly broken and every time I took a step, it wedged itself under the two toes beside it. It was weird.

I got up to a very swollen and very bruised toe. It is red and swollen where the can hit it, but the nasty black and purple bruise is on the side and bottom of the toe...not really a good sign. I even took a few pictures with the thought of posting them, but decided to think of my sister, who might just die if she came to this page and saw a macro shot of my bruised toe. (She yelled at me something fierce when I sent her a picture of my bloody sock that I took with my cell phone after a run).

It hurts...but hopefully not for too long. I hear the best thing to do is tape it to it's neighbour and let the neighbour do the work.

*Re-reading this, it kind of seems like Jordan wasn't sympathetic. But don't you worry, he was...and he got me frozen peas


Heather said...


And thank you for not posting a picture.

Kirst said...

I still think you should post a picture.
And Chris would have done the same thing as Jordan, at least the laughing part. :)

randy said...

It's a guy thing.