Friday, November 21, 2008


Correction: I have a broken fibula, not tibia.
I thought it might be so, because it was my fibula that was hurting, but figured it wasn't worth it until I saw the doctor. I'm off for 6 weeks or so and will be getting a bone mineral density test. Once the BMD results are in, I'll go back to the doctor and we'll figure out how to prevent this from happening AGAIN.

Sigh. But once again, it is "only" fractured leg bone and not anything worse. So, I'm going to take the time to heal (which should also heal any other nagging pains I've had) and make the best of it. So if you see me performing any sort of action that would be considered "impact" on my legs, scold me.


S said...

I had to take 6 weeks off this past May after breaking my big toe. It was one of the most frustrating periods I've ever endured because I couldn't stand the fact that my inactivity was forced by a freakin' toe. But in hindsight, I am glad I made myself observe the inactivity as best I could so it would heal properly and not be a nagging thing. Sounds like your stress fracture is far more important to allow proper healing time than my toe. Good luck.

It felt REALLY good when I finally could let myself go and run, do all my goofy cardio boot camp stuff, and run stairs.

lu said...

oh fibula! that stinks BUT at least it is during the christmas season, one of the busier seasons where fitting in runs might be more difficult (maybe?).

and the word verification for this comment? PITICARD. a little irony, no?

kris said...

When you say you finally had your bone scan does that mean you've had a fractured fibula for a while? Is this related to crushing your toe? Did you have an accident that hasn't been blogged or am I not reading carefully? I'm confused.

And my word verification: oushe. I think we're being monitored.

k said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I will take the time off and try to enjoy the free time?

It is true that it is harder to fit in the runs during the Christmas season, but it is also great stress relief so I'll miss that (and the justification of "sure i can eat 3 nanaimo bars...i went for a run yesterday").

kris- It has been something that has bugging me for awhile. but it didn't really hurt while running, just when i wasn't running. So after the race in september i headed over to the sports medicine doctor to get it checked out. It took from the beginning of October until last week to get in for a bone scan.

There wasn't an accident or an impact or anything like is a stress fracture related to the repetitive stress of running. Being in the fibula, it is kind of strange, since most people that end up with lower leg stress fractures from running end up fracturing a tibia.

It doesn't hurt a tonne, just a dull ache here and there and then every so often some shooting pains up my leg (that don't last very long). Or, if you were to grab the spot where the fracture is,
I would experience some visible discomfort (and perhaps kick you).

So as far as broken bones go, it isn't so bad. Plus, since there wasn't an impact or an accident, it should heal on it's own without any sort of splinting as long as i follow the doctor's orders and don't run or jump on it (if i don't, it could break all the way through and bad things would happen).

So I'll be drinking more milk for awhile. Don't know if that will actually help, but in my head it will.

lu said...

how about drinking more lattes?! they have milk!