Wednesday, November 19, 2008

annie get your geiger counter

Careful...I'm radioactive. But probably only until tomorrow morning.

The good news: I finally had my bone scan
The bad news: Not too happy with the results

The good news: The results were very conclusive (as in the second part of the scan was supposed to take an hour so that they could take multiple pictures from multiple angles. it took 5 minutes)
The bad news: The results were very conclusive :(

The good news: They know exactly what is wrong
The bad news: There is something wrong

The good news: I will heal
The bad news: Healing involves not running

The good news: (according to the tech) she came in and said "good news, you have a stress fracture"
The bad news: I have a stress fracture.

The good news: Hey, at least it is in my tibia, I can still walk, and all in all, I'm still in good health.

For the most part, the scanning process was a pretty good. I went in (and after finding out I had to go to admitting first) and didn't have to wait at all. The first person walked me through everything that she was going to do. Then, she injected me with the radioactive material and did the initial few scans. Apparently the radioactive isotopes first get into the soft tissues, so they take pictures of that. So I was there about a half hour, they scanned me from about 4 different angles, and then went back to work for a few hours.

During those few hours, apparently the radioactivity would get right into my bones. When I came back, I only had to wait a couple of minutes, then it was back onto the table for what was supposed to be a full hour of scans from multiple angles. After the first scan (which took 5 minutes) the tech came in and said "I'm just going to go talk to the doctor to see if I need to take any more pictures". At that point, my stomach dropped a bit, but I tried to think positively and think "well, maybe it is clear that there is nothing even remotely wrong". But that wasn't the case and she came in a few minutes later with the "Good news, it is a stress fracture". I responded with "I'm not sure that is really all that good news".

She then put it in perspective by telling me that the guy who she scanned right before me was in visible agony and she had to tell him that the scan was inconclusive and that she couldn't see anything wrong with him. So, I will try to keep that in mind as I go out of my mind. I probably won't see the sports med guy until next week or the week after. I know better than to run between now and then (so don't let me do it) but that doesn't mean my legs won't be itching to go. I don't know what he will say at that point, but I'm going to try to go in with all my questions written down. I tend to get all flustered when I'm actually at the appointments and I forget to ask my questions. And since this is the SECOND stress fracture, I need to know how to prevent a third. I have the orthotics, I thought I was following the 10% rule, I have good shoes...I just don't know.

How long until I'm allowed to run again? I don't know. But maybe for now I should take up swimming. Or water running. Regardless, I guess I should bone up for a membership to the gym/pool down the street :(

Do you think Santa can bring me stronger bones for Christmas?


Heather said...

What's the 10% rule? Not increasing the distance of your runs by more than 10%?

I'm sorry. That's really crappy. But you got to be radioactive for a day... Did you have x-ray vision? Read people's thoughts? Lift a car?

lu said...

i am so sorry to hear that. i was hoping it was something that could be fixed with a little physio and ice. i am sending you some warm healing bone thoughts your way.

but i am glad that you did take note of the good news and at least put a touch of a positive spin on it.

although i am sure it sucks just the same.

fuzzy wuzzy said...

Be wise & take care of yourself, you don't want to develop osteoporosis. Make sure you get lots of calcium in your diet & supplements & vit D (needed to absorb the calcium). Our orthopedic surgeons put all their fracture paitents on Vit D 1000u per day, as well as Calcium 1250mg three times a day.
Otherwise I'd check with the sports med guy for more info.

K said...

Yes, the 10% rule is not going up more that 10% per week.
Unfortunately, I didn't get the x-ray vision or super human strength, but I did notice some bad smells on the bus on the way home. Perhaps I had some temporary super-smell going.

Lu-it is pretty hard to continue feeling sorry for yourself when you leave the nuclear medicine section and have to walk right through the hospital. I went by a guy who was about my age and looked like he was going through cancer treatments. That slapped me right out of the "poor me" state and right into the "thankful for my health" state.

Faye- I have pretty much every risk factor for osteoporosis, so while I'm hoping for the best, I should probably prepare for the worst (or at least do as much prevention as possible) Thanks for the vitamin information. I'll have to go get some vitamin D. And maybe it will help with the lack of sunshine I've been feeling too!

The sports med people actually called today and I'm going in to see them tomorrow! Quick service!