Monday, September 22, 2008

weather's good here too

As much as I love fall in Calgary, I must admit, it is pretty good here as well.
And without further ado, some randomness for a Monday:

-Have you caught the new 90210? I don't really like commenting on people's weight. But for the love of food ladies, eat a cheese burger. And make it a double, with bacon. Perhaps washed down with a triple thick milkshake? I know I'm not the only one who has noticed this: link. Aunt Becky should really sit her daughter down and talk about how not eating enough right now could lead to things like osteoporosis and other problems when she gets older (assuming she gets through the short term). Remember the old one? When Kelly, Brenda and Andrea were pretty normal, and Donna was "the skinny one"? And where is the after school special tone that we grew to love about the old show? So far, no heart-warming lectures about diet pills or gambling. Maybe Cindy Walsh should make a guest appearance.

-I thought I might die on the way home today. My bus driver was pretty psycho and I was quite concerned that he'd lose it on a corner and plow into a lamp post. Luckily, I made it home safely, with only an elevated heart rate.

-The leaves are starting to change...I'll have to take some pictures to make you all jealous.

-I can't believe it is almost September 28th already. Yikes.

And because I like posts with pictures, I'll leave you with a picture of Saturday's "ice bath" after my last long run before the race. Do I look cold enough? (and no, nothing will show no matter how you try to zoom in or enhance)

Monday, September 15, 2008

weather's good there in the fall

For whatever reason, when the chill starts in the air and the leaves are suddenly at my feet instead of overhead, I start to get a little home sick. I start missing the smell of poplar leaves and the way the Alberta sun hits the yellow leaves. I want to have one of those perfect Calgary fall days where the sun warms you to the core (through your sweater of course) and the air smells just right.
Maybe it is because I left in the fall, after two glorious weeks of perfect autumn weather...maybe that's why this time of year makes me miss it. Perhaps fall reminds me of being a kid and of new school years and just makes me think of the past. Maybe fall in Ottawa reminds me that an Ottawa winter is just around the corner.
Or maybe it is Ian Tyson's fault and I just can't seem to get that lyric out of my head.

Regardless of the reason for missing "home", I'm glad I'll be heading back out to Alberta soon- to see it in the fall.

(but before that...TORONTO. yes-I will finally be taking my first ever trip to Toronto. Now people can stop making fun of me)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

love it

As a part of my quest to get my picture taken with Jack Layton, I signed up for the NDP newsletter. I get emails every so often, letting me know what's up with the party and what they feel I should know about how the other parties are messing up. I don't always read it, I don't always agree, but I think we can all agree that the subject line that greeted me when I opened my email just now is hilarious:
Stephen Harper just quit his job.

That's almost as good as the conservative "We're better off with Harper" campaign.

Anyway, I now have to figure out how to vote in absentia because come October 14th, when you all should be voting, I won't be in my riding.