Wednesday, July 30, 2008

tournament of champions

Oh how I love the Jeopardy tournament of champions. I know that makes me a certified geek...but I do research for a living, so I think we all knew I was a geek already.

You know what pairs well with the Tournament of Champions? Kim Crawford Marlborough Sauvingon Blanc. Yes, a little more pricey than most of the wine I drink, but absolutely worth it.

(And you know how exciting it is when there are categories about Canada- yesterday one of the categories was Anagramed Canadian Provinces....)

And now back to your regularly scheduled internet browsing.


liz said...

I was so very excited at the anagrammed Canadian provinces category! Unfortunetly, my brain's complete inability to think anagramacally meant that my performance in that category left much to be desired.

lu said...

i love jeopardy and i love geeks, so you are in luck!

and my brain doesn't work well with anagrams either. give me a few minutes and maybe i can figure it out, but in jeopardy speed.

you know else is a tad difficult - the before and after categories that they do where the two answers are linked. tough, i tell ya.

lu said...

i meant NOT in jeopardy speed. whoops.