Monday, June 09, 2008

vermont- the trip

Day one: Driving and shopping
This involved coffee, (g)Napoleon the gnome and finding our way through Montreal just fine. It also involved an unfortunate trip to what we thought was a rest stop but actually an old people’s clinic. But, we had to pee and there was as sign to the bathroom…soooo…we went.

At the border, Heather was driving (and wearing her rachel ray-esque scarf) and seemed to loose the capability to think because she had to ask me where we were going and what we were doing. I very much understand the feeling. Even though I’m doing nothing wrong, I always feel like I have to prove my innocence around customs officials.

Then to Burlington for lunch, shopping and of course some ice cream. Oh Ben and Jerry’s, why are you so darn tasty.

We got to where we were going around 5:30 and it was nice to be off the road. After a delightful dinner in Jamaica, it was off to bed.

Day two: MICE
My day two started off quite unfortunately. I woke up sometime in the middle of the night to the sound of the cat going a little nuts, but he tends to be pretty loud, so I didn’t really think much of it. AND THEN….when I woke up in the morning in my normal state of having to pee, I opened the toilet lid and there, in the toilet were two dead mice. TWO of them. DEAD. Just floating there. As someone who is a) from the city and b) quite frightened of rodents, it was…ummm quite shocking. If only Heather had been the first one up.

I recovered from the fright and had a good visit with relatives (Heather finally got to meet our aunt!) and tried to carb up with all my might. All day we hoped that the torrential rain would work itself out and stay away for Sunday. After a lovely dessert of Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream, it was off to bed early.

Day three: The race- damn you hills
4:40 felt pretty darn early…let me tell you. And it kind of sucked knowing that I was getting up at 4:40 but not running until 10:15. But, we managed, and after a lot of waiting, and sitting and waiting some more, we were off.

They call the Covered Bridges half marathon the “best 13.1 miles in New England”. It is definitely pretty. Trees, rivers, waterfalls, bridges, dirt roads, paved roads…all beautiful. I enjoyed most of it. Except of course the HILLS. Oy. They kicked my butt.
(Speaking of butts, there was a fellow Canadian running in some oh so fashionable Canadian flag shorts. As I passed him at about mile 12.5, I really wanted to slap that Canadian flag ass for good luck).

But we finished despite the hills (and when you look at my splits, you can really see where the biggest hill was, I was 2 minutes slower that mile than any other. 2 MINUTES...that is a lot) and both of us made our time goals. (looking back, not sure why I had a time goal my first time out, but you have to go big or go home now don't you?). I know we both struggled at the end, and besides my "i can handle this for now" phrase running through my head, I tried to think of Jordan and how the week before he had gone twice the distance (though he is much speedier so definitely not for twice as long) and was feeling pretty crappy at the end. There would be no quitting.

We basically felt like death for the rest of the day, and went to bed at 8pm after a lovely dinner of steak and potatoes. Oh, and I dropped the rest of the Americone Dream on the floor, so we had to settle for Heath Bar Crunch.

Day three: the long drive home
Basically this day is a blur because we were so tired. But I'm pretty sure that the "I'll never run again" thoughts I was having at miles 11-13.1 the day before had long gone and I was already thinking about running another half. I had to drop Heather off at the airport on the way into town and it was kind of sad. It was so nice to spend 10 whole days with her and to run another "first race" with her.
So yes, it took me more than a week to write and post this, but yes.

For pictures, check out the facebook album (and if you aren't my friend look for me)


Kirst said...

Glad you finally posted about your trip. I'm jealous you got to do it together. Hopefully one of these times we'll all be able to run a race together.

lu said...

when i am not so sure that training by myself in germany for a 10km in september is a good idea, i am going to reread this post.