Thursday, June 12, 2008

an odourous journey

For those of you who are privileged enough never to have smelled Jordan's "old" running shorts, if you have no other goals in life, make your primary one to avoid the shorts. They stink. Even clean they smell. Fresh out of the dryer, the smell a little like Bounce, but mostly like...well, ass (and in this case, probably quite literally). Fresh off of Jordan, they reek.
To be fair, they were his only pair of running shorts for awhile, so they have accumulated miles and miles of sweat and stench, but yikes.
We went running yesterday and as I came into our bedroom all freshly showered, there was a noxious odour coming from my right. I picked my running shirt off the doorknob, gave it a sniff, but of course it smelled like roses (ok, more like Gain). I bent my head further to investigate and quickly figured out where the smell was coming from: the laundry basket. It took me only a second to realize that the shorts were in there. I called Jordan in so that he could experience the power of the shorts. He of course immediately pulled them out of the basket and stuck them in my face. True love that- smelling the shorts and still allowing him to sleep next to me.

Fast forward to this afternoon. I got on the bus, found a seat and immediately the smell hit me. It was so bad, that the woman walking onto the bus behind me turned right around and moved to the front of the bus. The man in the seat in front of me smelled just like those black Nike shorts. Oh the joys of public transit.


Kirst said...

Now that is disgusting. Chris and Jordan can be so alike. Chris would have shoved the shorts in my face too.

liz said...

A few weeks ago I was in a similar situation. Except that a man sat down next me on the bus who had a deeply unpleasant odor. Now what is one to do? It seems deeply rude to move, espcially since it would be obvious as I was trapped inside next to the window.

Next, I considered getting off the bus and catching another one. Finally I settled on discreetly covering my nose for the whole bus ride. Not the ideal solution, but the best I could come up with under the circumstances.

K said...

Question: Which is worse?
a) chain smoker bus smell
b) B.O. bus smell

I figure that at least BO smell is "natural"