Friday, June 27, 2008

impossible is nothing

This made me think about the media and how those "butchered" by the headlines and the media really feel about it.

Take that shirt off and it is an even better commercial no?


Kirst said...

yep, I agree. At least he could take off the sweatshirt.

lu said...

that accent cracks me up. pretty much sounds like the guys i was talking to last night. the good, old working class english! the only difference is that these ones weren't international superstars.

K said...

david beckham is one of the most attractive men on long as he keeps his mouth shut.

so, you cheering for spain or germany? viva espana!!!!

Devo said...

Ooooh time to play Devin's favourite game. I for one would like to see Natalie Gulbis, or Elena Dementiava without the shirt on. If you are unsure as to who they are Natalie is a golfer and Elena is tennis player. Both are very talented, young and attractive. When I say I want to see them without a top it makes me a pervert. That would be a standard standard (i.e a double standard).

K said...

ahh but they can show david beckham's nipples on tv whereas they can't show girl nipples on not quite the standard squared.

in fact, i was watching a gender reassignment surgery on tv and they could show the nipples coming off the chest, but once the breast implant had been added and they were re-attaching the nipples, they had to be blurred out because they were now "girl nipples". same nipples. so strange.

nipples. (just thought i hadn't used the word enough)

(and for the record, i'd rather see christiano renaldo without his shirt off)

Heather said...

David Beckham can talk all he wants for me... Shirt off AND accent? Yes please.

lu said...

christiano renaldo???

you may be crazy!

vive alemania! haha, clearly my spanish is head and shoulders above my german.