Wednesday, May 28, 2008

yup. i suck.

Who knew that I could just get so apathetic? I guess I've just been busy working and running and sleeping and recovering from the sickest I had been in quite some time. But, all is well and I'm gearing up for the weekend in Vermont.
Hopefully all goes well.

Yup, I think I'm still a little apathetic.


Kirst said...

Well I'm glad you posted again. I keep checking. Once the race is over you'll probably have lots to blog about. Maybe we should plan a time for all of us to run, in a race, together.

Kirst said...

Good luck this weekend! I'll be cheering from here.

K said...

Ottawa Race Weekend 2009
You'll be so happy to be in the land of oxygen that you will barely know you are running

Heather said...

I agree... You should come to Ottawa next year Kirsten!!