Tuesday, May 06, 2008

just for heather

because apparently the toe socks creep her out. i need to move the picture down the page so that she doesn't need to look at it as much.
unfortunately, i don't have the energy to say much as i've come down with some sort of spring sinus cold. it sucks. i don't recommend it at all.
i do recommend those socks though.

that just reminded me of the ever so fascinating "i recommend" books from jr high band class. oh do i not miss those technique exercises. i now have one running through my head in fact.

see...see what this cold does to you?


lu said...

i agree with heather on the toe socks. kind of creepy. but might be nice to avoid the sores that come from running.

but here is a funny story for you. i made asparagus soup the other night and then the next morning when i had my morning pee, i thought of you as i flushed! now how's about that? thinking of you in the bathroom!

(i am mildly embarassed that i am writing this on the internet for all the world to see, but clearly not shy enough to put it up here anyways!)

kris said...

Are capital letters on strike or something? I feel like I'm missing out on an inside joke.

K said...

they ARE on strike. oh wait, a few scabs have snuck through the picket lines.

Heather said...

Why are they on strike? That's so unlike you!

K said...

I think I was out of sorts from the sickness. See. Now that I'm feeling quite a bit better, they seem to have signed some sort of collective bargaining agreement. I bet they were in cahoots with my immune system. Figured they needed to take some sort of break since my white blood cells were clearly down for the count.

Evey said...

I realize I am a little behind on saying so, but toes socks are creepy. It's like a really long hand with short fingers. EW!