Sunday, April 20, 2008

product review-injinji makes great socks

Because you never know when people might send you free stuff- I just have to say: I love these socks!

I've been having some blister issues and soreness on the tips of my toes during and after my long runs. I don't know if my orthotics are just rubbing my toes the wrong way or if after an hour, my toes just don't like being couped up in sweaty shoes, but toes have not been happy. So, I started looking at options and read a bit about the "toe socks" and they seemed to come highly recommended.

Of course from a previous post, you know that I have a heck of a big toe, so I wondered if they would fit properly, but I was willing to try them out for the good of my smaller, more sensitive toes. So off to MEC to find the infamous Injinji toe socks. I bought one pair, just in case they didn't work out.

The verdict?
At $18 a pair, they are a little more (though not a tonne more) than some of the other technical socks out there, but my feet love them. The ends of my toes don't feel nearly as torn up by the end of my runs and they just look so darn funny on my feet. I look down at them and it makes me giggle. What more could I ask for? So I'll be going back for at least another pair.

It is highly unlikely, however, that I'll be sporting this version of their socks....though after a race they might come in handy. Maybe I can start a new trend: socks and flip flops. (though i think the Geishas beat me to it)


Kirst said...

I like. Maybe I'll have to try some too.

kris said...

Toe socks creep me out. At least those ones aren't rainbow bright.

Is that picture in the link the "camel toe" I've been hearing all about lately?

Heather said...


fuzzy wuzzy said...

I saw those in MEC when I was looking for socks call 'defeat' (or something like that). I didn't find the 'defeats', but saw those and wondered what they would be like. I just might have to try them (but not just before a race)