Friday, March 21, 2008

another edition of linked

As you can see, I've been lazy and haven't felt like updating much as of late. Perhaps it is because I have been stuck under piles of piles of snow, then slipping on ice, then stuck knee deep in slush, only to have that all freeze again.

Also, slush? It actually falls from the sky isn't just that cold mess that makes your feet numb and wet. It gets you from all angles.
Which brings me to this: An open letter to Mother Nature. The author is clearly based in Ottawa. It is like he is inside my head. It really is quite remarkable just how crappy the weather is. You don't even feel lame for talking about the weather anymore...

To take my mind off the weather, I decided to try out a twist on a very easy treat: link. I had made them as per the "recipe" before, but lately I've had a few different versions of chocolate covered caramel covered pretzels (delicious). So I thought to myself "maybe i can kick those hershey hug bites up a notch". So, I used the caramel kisses. Unfortunately, they don't look quite as pretty because they make a bit more of a mess...and you have to be quite gentle so that the caramel doesn't run everywhere. But what they lack in beauty, they make up for in pure deliciousness. The perfect amount of salt, sweet, caramel and crunch. You should really try them out. And they really are easy. The hardest part is unwrapping the how easy is that?

And for something completely different, a little story about asparagus pee. I'd say "come all know what I'm talking about". But according to the article, you don't all know what I'm talking about.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

good news. well...sort of

Good news for people like me.
According to this article, the big toe plays a factor in sports performance. Apparently, a big toe that is larger than the second toe is advantageous for things like pushing off in various sports and is perhaps indicative of a "natural athlete". Now that I know this, I'll have to embrace my inner natural athlete because do I ever have a big toe.

If I had the guts and if our camera was a little less cranky, I would post a picture of my foot so that you could really get an idea of how long my big toe is. Instead, here is my foot in numbers:
Total length from heel to tip of big toe: 9 inches/22.8cm
Total length of big toe: 2.5 inches/6.35cm
Total length of second toe: 1.5 inches/3.8cm
Yup, an entire inch.

I'm not so sure they were taking into account that kind of differential when they were studying this big toe business.

On a side note to this- the article mentions that most people's second toes are longer than their first. I had no idea. Which is bigger on your foot?

Saturday, March 01, 2008

a good watch

I came across this earlier this week and thought it would be something others might find interesting. The man speaking is (was? I'm not sure) a professor at Carnegie Melon University and has terminal cancer. He gave a "last lecture" and a lot of people took notice...even Oprah. Now, I'm not generally a huge fan of Oprah, but in this case, I agree that he is worth listening to.

So, if you have a full 76 minutes, click here.
For the abridged 10 or so minute Oprah version, click here.