Sunday, February 10, 2008

oh paula deen

Every time I watch "home cooking with paula deen" I am amazed at how much fat she cooks with and just how crazy she gets with the butter and cheese and chocolate... Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it all tastes good (with the exception of the velveeta fudge...yup she puts processed cheese in her fudge), but good for you it isn't.
I was just watching her make pumpkin cheesecake. After putting a stick of butter in the crust plus 24 ounces of cream cheese, 3 eggs (plus a yoke), and a quarter of a cup of sour cream into the filling, she says "and then you add a cup and a half of sugar...this just sounds almost like diet cake doesn't it...with only a cup and a half of sugar".
I literally laughed out loud. to make some pumpkin cheesecake cause that recipe sounds darn good ('s diet).

PS- happy birthday jordan!


Anonymous said...

I've found myself thinking the same thing about her show...and wondering if I'm gaining weight just by watching.

lu said...

is the same woman who puts in a stick of butter 'for smoothness'? my sister was telling me about her when i was home for christmas. oh my.

fuzzy wuzzy said...

This has nothing to do with the cooking show (although the pumpkin cheesecake made me hungry), I wanted to comment on the music blog. I don't normally like Country music but I really like the CD by Big & Rich with the song "Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy"

Kirst said...

Doesn't all fudge have cheese in it? :) Riiiight. I wonder how clogged up her arteries are? And who would have thought Mom would be listening to a song like that.