Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Dear Man in the Black Jeep,
I too have felt the satisfaction of driving through a large puddle and reveled in the giant splash. Unlike you, however, I made sure not to inconvenience the pedestrians (who, by the way, have a much smaller carbon foot print than you and thus are helping you out by being kinder to the world you live in) by leaving them to deal with the wake of the splash. I wonder if you know the cold clamminess that goes along with being on the receiving end of a slush puddle splash...
What I do know, by the look of glee in your eyes as you did it, is that someone will pay it forward and you will understand the saying "Karma is a bitch".
Soggy Pants


Lulu said...

Karma is a Bitch... sorry you're soaked!

Kirst said...

I think I probably would have cried. Okay so probably is not the right word. I would have for sure. How long till you were dry?
Holy frustration batman.