Saturday, February 23, 2008

good times

Paragraphs are for are some things I've enjoyed about the last week:
-The price of my running shoes at the Running Room: $159.99 +GST and PST. The price I paid: $94.00.

-Skiing. Sure, I only skied the morning. But I really liked it. I'm glad I had all of those ski lessons as a kid was almost like I'd never been off the skis. (and if you are ever in Vermont, check out Mt. Snow)


-Road trip.

-Lake Placid- kind of a strange place, but cool at the same time (there is something about the olympics...). Plus there was the well spotted Ben and Jerry's scoop shop just as we were giving up hope.

-Cornwall. Oh wait, I didn't enjoy Cornwall. Well, I guess I enjoyed the fact that I was driving through it and not driving to it. Not all that scenic.

-Vermont. Love it...

-Not working- I haven't been at work since last Friday. Mmmm....vacationy goodness.

-Snowshoeing (I guess technically I was YakTrakking. but whatever)

Things I have not enjoyed about the past week:
-Winter. I'm about done with it.

-Forgetting the camera. Not that it works all that well anyway, but it would have been nice to try.

-The torrential rain on Monday. (yup, i'm simultaneously sick of winter and complaining about the rain) Although I guess it wasn't THAT bad. At least it wasn't cold.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

oh paula deen

Every time I watch "home cooking with paula deen" I am amazed at how much fat she cooks with and just how crazy she gets with the butter and cheese and chocolate... Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it all tastes good (with the exception of the velveeta fudge...yup she puts processed cheese in her fudge), but good for you it isn't.
I was just watching her make pumpkin cheesecake. After putting a stick of butter in the crust plus 24 ounces of cream cheese, 3 eggs (plus a yoke), and a quarter of a cup of sour cream into the filling, she says "and then you add a cup and a half of sugar...this just sounds almost like diet cake doesn't it...with only a cup and a half of sugar".
I literally laughed out loud. to make some pumpkin cheesecake cause that recipe sounds darn good ('s diet).

PS- happy birthday jordan!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Dear Man in the Black Jeep,
I too have felt the satisfaction of driving through a large puddle and reveled in the giant splash. Unlike you, however, I made sure not to inconvenience the pedestrians (who, by the way, have a much smaller carbon foot print than you and thus are helping you out by being kinder to the world you live in) by leaving them to deal with the wake of the splash. I wonder if you know the cold clamminess that goes along with being on the receiving end of a slush puddle splash...
What I do know, by the look of glee in your eyes as you did it, is that someone will pay it forward and you will understand the saying "Karma is a bitch".
Soggy Pants