Thursday, January 31, 2008

searching for new music

I'm sick of most of my music. I need some new sounds.
I like a little bit of ipod playlists range from the Dixie Chicks to Pearl Jam to Kanye West. I've got the Beatles, the Stones, Feist, KT Tunstall, Metallica...unless it is super twangy country, I'll probably enjoy it.
So...what are you listening to and what do you suggest?


Anonymous said...

I'm addicted to Anna Knalick right now....she opened at a concert that I went to last year and I found her CD a few weeks it.


Anonymous said...

Its actually nalick

lu said...

i love the new jim cuddy cd. and i am still addicted to ray lamontagne months after i first discovered him.

--Nathan-- said...

Regina Spektor... she's a lot like fiest

lu said...

ohhhhh.... love regina too! especially her song Samson.

had a few more thoughts on the music matter:

what about The Wailin' Jennys, Rilo Kiley, Tegan and Sara, JP Hoe and the Truly Richards, the Be Good Tanyas??

some ideas at least.

Anonymous said...

Check out Reverend and the Makers if you can download it - wicked Northern (England) band, I'd kinda call them funky disco rock if I had to categorise them. Very catchy - check out "Heavyweight Champion of the World" which is their big single. You can probably listen to some of their stuff via their website if you find it tricky downloading them.